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Art Mudra – An Evidence of Commitment to Art

Artist turned curator & gallerist, Daxa Khandwala pulls together the best talents from the colorful sub-continent of India. With a discerning eye for brilliance in art and promising talent, she presents art sourced from all across India to bring it to global buyers and collectors.

Being an artist herself, she keenly understands the true value due to a talent and the fair one a collector would acquire it at. Her studio, Art Mudra bridges the distance between the talents and its patrons. Art Mudra facilitates new as well as established artists gain value for their craft by opening their door to galleries, global art investors and connoisseurs in the UK, US, UAE, Singapore, the Middle East and Hong Kong.

Art Mudra’s substantial portfolio of participation and presence at important art events around the world makes it a significant entity in the world of international art. To enable art connect with a larger audience, Art Mudra is also promoting ‘Affordable Art’ to encourage collectors pursue a diverse range of artworks and break the myth that only expensive art is good art.

Before any upcoming event, Art Camp & Work Shop, it becomes very challenging for Daxa Khandwala to select art works from a consortium of nearly 1000 artists who are associated with Art Mudra, but the thrill and excitement of being able to showcase the very talented and skilled artists of India and abroad encourages Daxa Khandwala to continue in her endeavours to help art find expression through Art Mudra.

We hope to bring you the best of contemporary Indian art and look forward to your patronage and support.

Shyam Babu Naido
Art Connoisseur & Art Administrator, Art Mudra

Shyam Babu Naidu is a part of Art Mudra – de Art xpert’s board as an Art Connoisseur & Administrator. Artequest Art gallery (AAG) is one of the leading and forward-looking On Line galleries in India. Mr. Shyam Babu Naido, an ardent art lover and collector had initiated his relationship with art and artists a long time back, which has finally taken the shape of Artequest. Established in 2010, Artequest Art Gallery's vision is to promote talented upcoming artists of India, through innovative and meaningful exhibitions and art fairs across the globe. We provide these artists a platform to launch and move forward in their career and to exhibit along with some of the renowned masters of today.

Brinda Khandwala
Art Administrator, Art Mudra - Hong Kong

With years of experience in journalism, writing about fashion and lifestyle, Brinda moved on to become a Content Writer for a leading Fashion PR agency in Mumbai.

When she moved to Hong Kong, she took over the reigns at a pioneering expat magazine as Editor. Making some great connections within the expat community there, she left the magazine to start her own Social Media management service.

As a writer, she passionately feels it’s important to hone language skills at an early age. She makes time to run English language classes for Asian students in Hong Kong.

Brinda continues to explore the colourful, eclectic life of the city and blogs her experiences.

As a lover of the arts, she has a keen eye for it. She graciously takes up the role of representing Art Mudra in Hong Kong and Singapore.

  • Yash Kohli Solo Show in Nehru Center
  • Pritish Nandi Solo Show in Nehru Center
  • Mahesh Jagtap (MP) Studio Art Desh
  • Abhijit Bhattacharya (Singer) Solo Show in Nehru Center
  • Anup Jalota (Singer) Studio Art Desh
  • Raza Saheb Studio Art Desh
  • Jim Cunningham Solo Show in Nehru Center
  • Brinda Chudasama Solo Show in Nehru Center
  • Jyotiraditya Scindia At his Delhi Residence
  • Pritish Nandi Solo Show in Nehru Center
  • Prithvi Soni Museum Art Gallary
  • Nirmal Zaveri Studio Art Desh
  • Kalpana Gandhi
  • Sameer Mondal
  • Dimple Kapadia
  • Sandalwood Superstar Ganesh n Pratima Gallerist
  • Film Producer - Mr.K.Manju n Sandalwood Superstar Ganesh from Karnataka
  • Film Producer - Mr.K.Manju from Karnataka
  • With Mahima Chowdhary