Ajaykumar Meshram

Completed graduation in fine Arts (G.D. Art Drawing & Painting) from L.S. Raheja School of Arts, Mumbai. The painting reflects bright colors and different textures, which are imprinted in his works, and the beautiful form of Buddha has inspired him greatly. The artist believes that “Art begins where words stop to express, it is a depiction of emotions, personality, nature and purity’’…

Anchal Bansal

I Anchal, self taught artist and illustrator. I believe art is very individual and every painting has a story to tell. What might appeal to one person may be rubbish for another but I feel at the end of the day every artwork finds its way home. As long as you feel happy when you look at the painting on your wall and it puts a smile on your face its purpose is served. I love to dabble with knife and colors in abstract and impressionistic form. It has its own energy and verve. Bright colors appeal to me and I believe lift your mood instantly with their vigor and appeal. My art is a part of commercial and private collections. I have taken part in numerous exhibitions with the IAF 2015 being the latest. Let my art take you on a journey and whisper secrets with its stroke and form.

Anupa Bhambhaney

Anupa Bhambhaney was born and brought up in Mumbai, India and currently resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She is a qualified Accounting professional and worked for several years in the corporate world with audit and banking roles but made radical change in her plans since the arrival of her daughter. One fine day, she gave in to a recurring urge within her to start the journey as an artist and introduce a better work-family balance in her life.

A self taught artist who believes there is an artist inside each of us, waiting for the right inspiration and moment to evolve and grow. The road to learning has been an enjoyable one since it is a passion and not her profession.

Art on canvas for her is an expression of her love for colors and zest for life translating her imagination and dreams of this divine journey of self realization .It helps to move away from dualities and complexities of life and take refuge in inner self. Anupa considers painting to be her connect with the divine and a supreme form of meditation.

Archana Yadav

I work with forms through the variation of hues and contrast. My artistic landscape generously encompasses my philosophy of life and can be explained and understood in terms of emotions and feelings.

For me painting is very internal and personal. It’s a communication by the medium of emotions that establishes a fine balance between forms and heartfelt hand strokes. I love to work on canvass as it attracts me to communicate with it. My conversation with the canvas continues until I reach the pinnacle of thoughts. The process is so natural and I make no pretensions of showing my emotions and feelings through my art, but I do not stop these from emerging either.

In my artworks I have used Light, equated with white that reflects the purity of the desert, the leveling down of multiplicity. White symbolizes the unity of colours. I have not removed the colour from my palette, only covered it, compressed, underneath. My lucid precision is with regard to the field of canvas, where the limitless reach of the inner space is manifested, and an invitation to swim in infinity is proposed.

Ashok Khant

One of Amazing Art Personality From Around the World

In these modern times, there are few artists who venture into the field of portraiture and make it as main focus in their works; Ashok is one of those artists. His proficiency is in oil and watercolor mediums which he uses to paint portraits, landscapes and realism. He is one such rare artist who has a passion for this age-old art form. Recently Ashok held his three solo shows in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and New Delhi. These shows were based on Hindi poetry of Renu Gupta. The beauty and emotions of poems was drawn and painted on canvas by Ashok.

Ashok has been painting ever since he can remember. An education based on academic art techniques of drawing and paintings plus the influence the old Masters artists Rembrandt, Jacques-Louis David, Peter Paul Rubens have influenced the development of his art works. Ashok has been influenced by his surrounding rural life of Gujarat. Naturally he is a God gifted painter. His paintings and drawings show a fine skill particularly in producing figurative studies of enduring compositions. He successfully captures a fleeting moment of time and the associated feeling. Ashok’s work shows that he has attained control over brushworks and anatomy, the basics of portrait paintings. Ashok’s brushworks is brisk, he uses color in a patchwork method giving a surprising roundness as well as light and shade effect. Detail of anatomy, drapery and skin texture are worked with a commendable expertise

Ashok Rathod

Since childhood I was closely associated with religion and nature. I tried to bring out ideas on paper through sketches and then to flourish it took place on canvas with beautiful colors. Painting is an art as it is necessary to an artist to know the painting style, technique, material used on which it to be done and allied reasoning that mark as an essential.

Mythological painting aim to keep the tradition and culture and animal like bull, cow, peacock, elephant and narrate a scenic beauty with the devotee when hung on wall

Human life is really short and unpredictable. One should take out of time to pursue the passion we human beings are so creative and this creative side of ours bring in immense joy.

The name Nandi was early used instead from anthropomorphic deity who was one of lord Shiva doorkeeper. Nandi means joyous or happy person. Bull is also lord Shiva’s primary vehicle and is the principle follower of Shiva. The close association of Shiva and Nandi explain the presence of statue of Nandi at the gate of many temples dedicated to lord Shiva, to understand and abserb light, the experience and widson is nandi which is the guru within. Bull as also the symbol of wealth, strength and abundance.

Kamdenu is the mother of cows is believed to represent the generic sacred cow, regarded as the source of all prosperity. Surabhi is the name of cow which exits in the spiritual planets. Lord Krishna often described as ‘ bala gopala ‘ the child who protects the cows, lord Krishna also known as govinda, eans one who brings satisfaction to the cow.

Atul Dake

An artist in his early stages faces continuous waves of questions, ideas, thoughts that flood in the mind and heart. The same thing is happening with me but when I sculpt my heart is my mind. My sculptures demonstrate versatility to aesthetic, social, psychological and emotional aspects of existence. Hence I am obsessed by 2 themes i.e. Games and life styles and trends of human beings. The expressions that rise on looking at the skills of each and every man who is perfect in something come into my sculpture in the form of appreciation.

Avantika Mathur

I was born and raised in India. Grew up in an art-loving environment. My parents tell that my inclination for drawing and painting was since early childhood. I would spend hours with paper, pencil and crayons happy in my world of curves and color.

Mythological painting aim to keep the tradition and culture and animal like bull, cow, peacock, elephant and narrate a scenic beauty with the devotee when hung on wall

What started as a hobby soon blossomed into a full-scale infatuation pulling me towards art as a career option. In due course, after finishing school I decided to make fine art as my profession and went overseas for my graduate studies. I hold a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and an additional minor graduate degree in art history from one of the finest art institute - the University of the Philippines at Manila.

Art has helped me grown beyond profession. Now, in a way, it reflects my personality. Tied by a common cause, we are inseparable. My compositions, though inspired from the humdrum of life around me, don’t state the obvious. Instead, they tend to border with surrealism - a realm beyond reality.

My thoughts flow through my brush. I wield it as a tool of self-expression. A sensitive person that I am, of late, prevailing feminist issues and the lip service that goes around women empowerment have wastly influenced me.

Silence of women may be construed as her biggest undoing, but her searing gaze is the most potent weapon. I often use eyes as my signature theme. These bright windows of the soul express more than a thousand words. Further, as an artist I also realize, in order to develop an intimate connect with an admiring patron, the artwork must also look-back. That is what I want my art to be. Strike a conversation with the viewer.

Bhawandle Narahari

Narahari Bhawandla's paintings depict the rustic lifestyle of people of Telangana region. He is an ambassador of rural sensibilities and traditional folklore of village folks of this region defined by centuries of cultural excellence and tradition of storytelling, myth making, dance and music. His strokes are bold and sharply defined, his colours are sprightly and creatively splashed, his canvas is folksy, the nature he paints is as rustic as his themes and his men and women are bold, robust and bring forth, the pink tinge of good health in their persona.

Narahari's work is an epitome of serene village life in its natural splendor. Somewhere, the music of Telangana resonates in his earthy paintings. His work is a bold statement and visual commentary on the tranquil landscapes of Telangana region.

What started as a hobby soon blossomed into a full-scale infatuation pulling me towards art as a career option. In due course, after finishing school I decided to make fine art as my profession and went overseas for my graduate studies. I hold a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and an additional minor graduate degree in art history from one of the finest art institute - the University of the Philippines at Manila.

Chaitali Dey

Born and raised in New Delhi, India. Her strong passion for creative arts with new ideas, led to develop a fascination for colors and figures in abstract and semi-abstract forms at nascent age. From the childhood her perception and vibrant colorful imagination exhibits inspired from nature, woman and life. Using acrylic colors in paintings is her forte, but also she has been worked in several mediums including oil, watercolor, charcoal and mural works etc., playing with vivacious colors and content, creating forms beautifully, the composition to balance them properly to create a painting with a unique theme. She has been participated in many groups and solo shows in India and abroad, now working as artist in Delhi.

Chandrashekhar Khanzode

All one needs is talent and success follows. Young artist Chandrashekhar is a true example of the same. He pursued sculpting and modeling through his early years and worked his way up with awards and scholarships. Even as a student and during the years at the JJ School of Art, Chandrashekhar was making award-winning sculptures. He works with wood, metal and stChandrashekhar Khanzode - Glass Chatons Beads - Sculpture one. The forms are modern and magnanimous. Chandrashekhar believes his own life is his inspiration. His skilled hands mould shapes and buff them to brilliance to create masterpieces, which depict modern Indian life. Most of his works find their place in large and luxurious spaces. Amongst some prominent institutions that hold his works, Bollywood’s Shahrukh Khan also owns one of his works.

2006 BFA Bridge Course [sculpture & modeling] MMK College of Visual Arts, Gulbarga

2004 GD Art [sculpture & modeling], Sir JJ School of Arts

  • 2008 Best Sculpture & Silver Medal, Bombay Art Society
  • 2007 Best Sculpture, Art Society of India
  • 2006 Gold Medal, Annual Exhibition, Gulbarga
  • 2006 Merit Certificate, NV College, Gulbarga
  • 2005 Master Dinanath Mangeshkar Puruskar
  • 2005 Indian Navy Landscape Competition, Mumbai
  • 2005 Merit Award Study Tour Exhibition, Mumbai
  • 2004 RS Jhunjhunwala Award, Annual Exhibition, Mumbai
  • 2003 Merit Award, Annual Exhibition
  • 2003 Landscape Award, Monsoon Exhibition
  • 2002 Rampure Award, annual Exhibition
  • 2007 Bendre-Hussain Scholarship
  • 2004 Merit Scholarship
  • 2003 Free-ship
  • 2002 Merit Scholarship
  • 2006 State Art Competition, Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2005 Chatak Exhibition, Nehru Centre, Mumbai
  • 2004 Monsoon Show, Kamal Nayan Bajaj Art Gallery
  • 2004 Art Society of India Exhibition
  • 2002 Art Society of India Exhibition
  • 2009 Artists Center, Mumbai
  • 2008 Pradarshak, Mumbai
  • Mittal Shipping Corporation, Indian Navy, Mumbai | National Award Winning
  • Artist Virendra Shah, Gulbarga
  • Ideal Fine Art Institute, Gulbarga | Mr. Shahrukh Khan, Mumbai
  • Tiger, Paratwada
  • 2006 All India Cement Sculpture Camp, Gulbarga

Charanjeet Kaur

White is pure and pure is white, white is made up of the whole spectrum yet it shows no color. Charanjeet Singh’s experimentation with white on canvas assigns him the daunting task of dealing with the pure and the pristine. He laments - “we are all so busy with colors, we hardly see white; if only the world, its politicians, and society could be genuine as white, having all colors yet clean and clear.”

Deeply rooted to Indian traditions his paintings are assemblages of his milieu. Animals, he feels, are related to man from the earliest times of civilizations. He wants us to hear and decipher what animals might want to say. He wants us to build a communion and comprehend their pain and pleasure.

The granular texture, the patterns created by poured liquidly paint, the orchestrated accidents make the basic understructure of his painting upon which the figures appear. The granular texture and accidental shapes offer a perfect foil to his naturalistic rendering and also draws attention to the formal qualities of paint, in which he remains equally interested.

Charanjeet’s firmly held conviction is a very earthly one of live and let live but the sophistication that he employs in conveying it proves that simple need not be simplistic.

Daxa Khandwala

‘Art transforms mere existence into a celebrated life’

For Daxa Khandwala, art is a gift of her destiny and creativity remains a souvenir of time. Daxa is a self-taught and naturally gifted artist from Mumbai, India whose tranquil and silent soul finds expression, sound, rhythm and spiritual oneness with God the moment she begins to paint. “I paint because it is my passion and the only way I can express gratitude to God for the talent he has given me” she says, when asked what motivates her involvement with art, to which she has dedicated her life.

In her early painting years, Daxa found it difficult to resist the inexplicable influence of old European Masters and their works on her mind. The art of the bygone era had so mystified her that she made it her mission to reproduce the works of great masters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Ingres, Boucher, Fragonard, Tia-polo, Raphael, Bologna, William Bouguereau, David and others to ensure that the allure of their art would continue to find new patrons in the modern world. Her unusual talent in the old style of painting has given Daxa Khandwala prominence and recognition as one of the finest contemporary artists who has been able to blend the finesse of the Victorian world with nuances of modernity. Daxa continues to surprise the art world with her new ideas. She has recently given new breath to her old passion for European Masters with a recent series of works entitled ‘Masters Recreated on Canvas’ in which she has given a modern dimension to the Old Masters style of classic art. Another series entitled, ‘Masters Come Alive’ shows Daxa’s foray into a never before bold experiment of blending canvas, wood and marble to create art that has been brought to life with its 3 D effects. Daxa is currently working on abstract art by introducing new techniques to create another unusual series of works.

Daxa has had numerous solo and group shows all over the world and her works have been well received and bought by art lovers in India, USA, Middle East, UK and Africa. Much of Daxa’s time is now spent in nurturing new talent and teaching art at Be “De Art Xpert” studio in Mumbai. She is also an art curator who has successfully organized many shows around the world.

She is also the recipients of Rajiv Gandhi Priyadarshani Award 2007

Dean Coelho

‘’ Everything you can imagine is real ‘’ – Picasso

These are words I live by. Everything in my mind’s eye is real, brought into existence through my art. My work begins much before I actually start to paint. Concepts, feelings, ideas, words, colors, and images constantly turn and merge in my mind. I play with them all permutations and combinations of dreams. Before my colors kiss canvas, I have my image. I imagine it. I dream about it. I give it life.

While painting, my vision of what I want to create shifts, as the art itself speaks to me, nudging my strokes in a different direction. We grow together. I don't believe that the creation of art can be given timelines. The subject must be felt, make its presence known. The subject lives in me, sometimes waiting, sometimes wandering around in thought and reflection, all until the right moment. The painting is created in the depths of my core, where the line between thought and emotion blurs. The time comes when I feel the energy accumulated, when all is built up, and then I just let it all out. I allow the images in my mind, the thoughts, and the feelings to spill onto the canvas. As I go along, discovering my path through the painting, it starts to take shape, one element, one stroke, one diversion at a time, until it has a life of its own. Once that happens, the painting takes control. It wants to speak for itself. It has its own identity.

The paintings in my Egocentric Series will sing of green. They will play zestful melodies in your mind; invite you to dream of nature and the nature of life. But should you let the painting connect with your soul, you will learn another reality—one that speaks of emptiness, and loss, amidst the allure of false brilliance. This is a reflection of the nature of our times—the reflection of a void that man chases, through his obsession with ego.

Deepak Shirsat

I Born born and raised in India. Mumbai based self-taught artist is emerging on the scene of Indian contemporary art. He is a multiple talented personality. His searches for expression through art for him art is a spontaneous and joyful celebration of life it encourages his creativity and invigorates his quest for something truer. His work evokes emotions in the viewer and allows them to engage in the story in their own unique way.

He believes art education and learning through self-experimentation have equally shaped in his skills as an artist. If you choose to attend art school, you most likely are bringing not only skills, but also passion for art that you have developed through years of practice.

His creative energy is focused in that moment in time. Each new painting is an opportunity to 'Out-do' my self and create a personal best.

Devi Seetharaman

Devyani Parekh

Devyani is a senior artist from Mumbai who has done 12 solo shows and 47 group shows in India and Abroad.

Her painting was selected and auctioned by '' CHRISTIE'S'' in 2009 and was selected and bought by Chief Minister of Maharashtra for gifting to Prime Minister of China 2015. She was selected and sponsored by Consul General of Turkey, to take part in '' International work shop'' at Turkey.

Devyani has personally gone to San Francisco, Singapore, and twice to Dubai, London, Mauritius, New York and Denver to exhibit her paintings.

Currently her series on the Buddha merges brush styles, textures and media; leading a dimension of spirituality. The essence of Panchsheel and meditative silence interspersed with the abstraction of Vipassana as well as the reality of life, which is seen in her paintings.

Devyani believes that a good painting of the Buddha should be able to bring out tranquility, serenity and peace on the face. She represents the Buddha as a sign of 'ultimate peace' and all her paintings have an inner meaning.

Buddha paintings look good not only as decorative items but also add a touch of character to the home/office.

Dilip Chaudhury

The Painting “Kolkata identity” is based on typical Kolkata rickshaw pullers and there life. Kolkata is my birthplace and from my view one of the best identity to show the moods of Kolkata is the Rickshaw puller. The touch of red in the painting has a grammatical definition and the other way round it’s like adding color in their life and for this reason the whole painting has been done in Black and White. The open Door and the dark space inside it are there suffering, struggle and the darkness inside their sole. The ray of light is the hope in their life that they expect will come some day.


I call the black ink lines - “The sutradhar” (The story teller). Like the lines on one‘s palm tell an individual’s story, the lines that flow out of me onto the paper do the same. The mysterious black ink hiding emotions in its shadow, seems dark at first but it opens up the doors of imagination. My work deals with the overlapping layers of the conscious and subconscious mind. Viewers are free to reach into their own subconscious to decipher their meaning.

Dipali Meher

Since my graduation from Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai., I have been on an exploratory journey of various mediums for the application of art & design. Over the last 15 years I have worked in the field of print graphics, motion graphics and music video. After having explored the digital media for commercial purposes, I decided to get back to the basics - drawing lines.

Hope You will like this painting and enjoy it day after day.

Fahd Qureshi

The essence of any art lies in the artist’s vision and ambition. It allows them to shed all inhibition, delve into their self and with a stroke of their able hands make a mark so vivid that the world holds them in awe. Karachi born artist Fahd Qureshi is not just making a mark but an epoch in the world of calligraphy since the launch of his debut exhibition series. ‘’Eternal spring’’. A Math major From LUMS graduating 2010. Fahd’s background probably serves as a contradiction to his natural flair for art. Truly a young man of multiple intellects, Fahd continued his passion for calligraphy during the course of his studies. Driven by hobby and passion he chose pen, pencil and paper as his medium and using the 99 names of Alha, delightfully explores the “ Flower “, nature’s most celebrated and appreciated element.

Gautam Patole

A post-graduate in commerce, Gautam Patole chose to shift from being a photojournalist to an artist. His stint as a photographer taught him to gauge the basic anatomy of a person. And that is what helps him to draw a perfectly balanced human body. Ceramic painting on ceramic tiles that first attracted him. But it was charcoal medium that he managed to tame. His charcoal works take one to the bygone era of black and white. His works are mostly figurative. A tint of color adds to the beauty of the charcoal. He runs Art Desh gallery in Mumbai to help upcoming artists.

“The hand and the monk in the shadow of hand”, this isn’t just a phrase but a classic piece of charcoal art depicting the feeling that the Almighty is behind the ones who pray by Charcoal Master Gautam Patole. The self-made Mumbai-based artist has mastered the charcoal medium with unmatched brilliance and created beautiful figurative artworks, which have an element of the real & surreal. ‘Flight of Fantasy’ is an upcoming art exhibition of charcoal figurative paintings by the charcoal master Gautam Patole. The collection has the bearings of being the highlight, centerpiece holding fort in your homes. Gautam's art has been appreciated & been part of the personal collection of various Bollywood personalities.

J S Munnolli

Munnolli, a worshipper of nature, animal lover, environmentalist, wildlife artist spent 6 ½ years in the African Continent specially in Tanzania, visited most of the world famous African Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks suck as Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Seronera, Mikumi, Masai Mara and Kilimanjaro. He observes and records animals in their natural habitats with both scientific accuracy and painting sensitivity.

Munnolli is bestowed with many awards and prizes to his credit. He has had several one-man and group shows in Tanzania, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad and participated in many art exhibitions. His paintings have international recognitions by many art lovers across the globe. Munnolli is a life member of World Wide Nature Fund-India, Bombay Natural History Society, and Bombay Art Society and contributed many of his art works for the good cause of wild animals and human society. The beauties of his paintings, portraying the reality of wildlife, in his own artistic style with a theme, make them more lively and adorable.

Kishore Biswas

“For years, I woke up at midnight and started painting impromptu. I still find that very gratifying.” Kishore’s 15-year journey in modern contemporary art movement has not only strengthened his unconventional thought process, but architected his painting style too.

Kishore was born in a place where he had a opportunity to watch the Steam Locomotives. Throughout the day the steam locomotives were running in front of him with the whistling and steaming. For him it's a big nostalgia

The ambiance was like that the locomotives had a giant appearance of the black body with the white steam around him. It was a dramatic visual experience which was making crazy to Kishore. Which was encouraging to kishore bring down the memory on canvas. Kishore used to go to the locomotive workshop day after day to study that from a close view. He seriously had fallen in love to the steam locomotives. He did watercolor a¬nd oil sketch mostly in sepia tone.

In the locomotive workshop the firemen and drivers were to be good friend of Kishore. They always came to him to take a look their picture on the sketch book. Few of them were also sitting with him for making their own portrait. Kishore remembered that, all time their looked very black and dark because of the dust of coal. Their faces always had a interesting sprite of life, which always inspired him to draw their portrait. They never had any complain about their hard life. He loved to sketch them, study their faces with pen and ink, charcoal, soft pastel and pencil. They wore always in a particular dress of dark blue with a cap. Kishore tried to catch their emotions in the character. Watching their lifestyles, listening their stories... still today Kishore is working on their life with the locomotives...

That is how the "Nostalgia of steam locomotives" came.

Kshipra Patel

Kshipra has a Diploma in Applied Arts. She has a rich experience of working in the field of Computer Animation. Her additional interest in photography and fondness to travel fueled her passion to translate these sites on to canvas. Use of bright colors with an effective play of light and dark, a definite tilt towards spirituality, and stone structures feature significantly in her paintings.

Kshipra has had art in her genes, yet she wandered into artistic territory quite on her own. On the career path, she has travelled for the quarter of a decade, as a graphic artist and animator. In tandem, she has travelled zealously and photographed the sights and souls of the alluring world panning out in varied directions. Animals in their elements and people in their environs have always extracted joyous images. But it is perhaps the architectural jungle that has lured her the most, almost like a wildlife photographer. With an eager yet patient eye she has captured the confluence of lines, lives and lightings, to make stones and textures sing. Painting has been a relatively recent passion for Kshipra.She likes to flirt with new media, but is really in her elements when dipping her brush in oil paint. Strokes and jabs of the painter’s knife often take her to the cutting edge of her craft. In spite of bold and dexterous lines at play, her finished paintings shimmer with a subtle sheen of spirituality, which tends to ennoble the walls they adorn.

Kshipra has exhibited only in moody and sporadic bursts, but has a good spread of collectors already in many countries. She is open to commissioned work if the theme and subject appeal to her taste and talent.

Mahesh Karambele

I, Mahesh, have always drawn inspiration from Mother Nature. Perhaps that is the reason, my paintings are centered on it. You can clearly see the interrelation and bond between me and nature in my paintings. I always feel that it is a born of god if u have some talent and it has to be preserved & maintained. it is like a tapasvi who faces many challenge's in his journey to find the almighty. if he loses faith on his path he is not a true devotee. inspite of all problems which he faces during this time, those who continues his journey will only gets the love of god, in bhagwat geeta also it is said that we should work without expecting rewards.

Rain, on hearing this word, the first thing that comes to mind is water, sad and cloudy environment, laziness, floods and to top it all the Mumbai’s rain.

But the theme of my paintings is based on this rain. In contrast to what is said above, my paintings depict the beauty of Mumbai during monsoon. You would be amazed to find the contrast of different colors in my painting. I am sure that the flow would rethink how beautiful rain and colors can be.

Choosing rainy season as my theme and not showing how disappointing rainy season can be, I’ve tried to put together my color’s and bring out Mumbai’s rainy in the most fascinating manner.

Manjri Varde

Studied; Commercial Art, Sophia Polytechnic, Breach Candy, Mumbai.

She has been painting in all mediums like acrylic, oils, watercolors, charcoal and inks. On canvas, paper, wood, walls, and more. Her genres include, Divinities, which consists of figurative works of Shiv-Shakti, the male-female, yin-yang. Maya is a genre, which creates, abstracts from simple lines and colors. Calligraphy is presented in the form of Mantras and Words, which convey wisdom and peace with an unusual font created by the artist, called Aum Akshar. Paradiso is nature in its graphic form with birds, trees, water bodies, flowers and more.

But the theme of my paintings is based on this rain. In contrast to what is said above, my paintings depict the beauty of Mumbai during monsoon. You would be amazed to find the contrast of different colors in my painting. I am sure that the flow would rethink how beautiful rain and colors can be.

‘An ever expanding consciousness’ is her belief and ‘’creating a compassionate consciousness’ is her Mantra. She has participated in art shows and has had solo exhibitions in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai Detroit and San Diego.She has participated in the 1st India Art Fair, Mumbai and the Jaipur Art Festivals 1 and 2. The Index Trade Fair”s first ever, Art Enclave.

Apart from painting on canvas and paper, she has also created and sold usable art in the form of boxes, an SMS gift, ceramic ware, and has also come out with a range of sarees, scarves and stoles. She is the owner of AumChakra, a design studio that creates a mixed genre of paintings, lifestyle objects, designer wear and more. She is the creator of a font, AumAkshar, which presents the Sanskrit language in the Roman English font. She has an apparel line under the name of Samanjri She is a firm believer of Yoga and the vast Indian cultural heritage of the Vedas and Upanishads.

Mithsu Biswas

“Chasing The Time” a series of painting on horse by Mithu Biswas.

One of the most upcoming Indian contemporary artist, MITHU BISWAS is a journey of around 9 years of modern contemporary art. She is working for an unusual idea & concept in her painting. Born in Kolkata in the state of West Bengal, India in 1979, she was fond of art since her early days. She did her graduation in Fine Art from Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata in 2004. In 2009 she came in Maharashtra, and permanently setup a studio in Mumbai.

In this context, Mithu funded the Horse was always used as a symbol to chasing the time. Here in her canvas, she tried to build the relations between HORSE & TIME...

The habit is, we always try to stop the time, but we can’t, even we never ever will do that…

The TIME takes extremely important role in our life. In every moment the time interacts with us. It’s a journey of your life and our life.

Mithu has been painting because she believes the time, and it based on the past, present and future. Which are showing the different perspective in our life cycle…

Niladri Paul

All artists are similar in their dissimilarity.

Niladri Paul is the quintessential maverick. Born free, so to speak. His spirited love for freedom shows in his canvasses as well , as in his boldness with which he lives . No boundaries can contain him, nor anybody hold this wild gush of fresh air. Be it the boldness of the colors that he uses, or the forms that he explores, or even simply the non-conformist brushstrokes,he simply follows his bliss. Not beholden to any art economics or any art groups, he has always preferred going solo on his journey.

Bohemian youthful looks, impeccable style, elusive and rare public appearances and even rarer interactions, he confines himself to his studio, painting or experimenting, and thereafter to his kitchen, where he rustles up spectacular gourmet meals for friends and family which are as beautiful and colorful as his canvasses. Perfectionism is his forte with whatever he does. An avid biker, he once rode all the way to Leh – Ladakh on his motorbike from Delhi. Compassion is his driving force in life, as he goes about spreading his form of robust optimism and cheer through his color. Niladri Paul, the free thinker, the man who creates his own rainbows.

I follow my bliss and paint my passion.

Nilesh Vede

A continuous spell of soul-searching at Meditation inspired Nilesh Vede to enter Fine Art...after successful professional stints in Direction of Video Documentaries, Caricature, Fashion Design and Textile Design. His past paintings explore and represent his own spiritual journey, yielding philosophical art on human concepts of God, Dharma and Buddha.

Nimisha Rau

I have been born and brought up in Mumbai and have graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with B.A. in International Business and then completed my L.L.B. at Government Law College. I am a lawyer by profession but have always had a keen interest in art and painting since childhood.

I started painting as a hobby in 1995. I graduated from pencil drawings to watercolours and then oils. I have always painted abstracts, which for me, are an expression of my feelings and emotions and my journey through this road, we call Life. My sentiments are expressed best in the words of Thomas Merton: “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”.

In February 2014, I exhibited for the fist time at the Annual Exhibition of the Bombay Arts Society at Jehangir Art Gallery. Thereafter, I participated in a group show at the Coomarswamy Hall in December 2015, and the India Art Festival at Mumbai in November 2015.

Paramesh Paul

Born in 1970, Paramesh Paul belonged from a traditional potter family with a rural environment of West Bengal. Art was genetically running through his blood. Sculpting clay images of gods was his primeval step towards his artistic sensibilities. Though he pursued his graduation from commerce stream; but the intrinsic inclination towards art took him to build his career as an artist.

In terms of subject, as said earlier Paramesh is found to be an ardent landscapist and cityscapist. They have become an indigenous identity of his style. The massive architectural variety represented in his paintings of Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Haridwar & Banaras offers a vast range of structural monuments. These historical edifices bring an interesting illusion of three dimensionality in his paintings. It reflects the artist’s rational way of space articulation and compositional construction.

Banaras is the place, which has an intimate connection with a host of legendary figures and mythical characters like Gautam Buddha, Mahavira, Kabir, Tulsi Das, Shankaracharya, Ramanuja and Patanjali. It is a veritable paradise for Hindu pilgrims, who throng the Ghats of the Ganges for spiritual rewards like deliverance from sin and attainment of heavenly bliss and emancipation from the eternal cycle of birth and death.

Looking at his paintings the viewer drives through the enigmatic voyage of peacefulness and spirituality. The chanting of mantras, the fragrance of incense, the smoke of lamps, the devotional hymns - all slowly comes to him, as he becomes the part of the exhibit. An atmospheric aura is formulated that fills the air with devotion. By offering this mystifying experience Paramesh proficiently transcends the beholder from this world to the divine world. The paintings’ overwhelms the onlooker so much that he is forced to take the trip to this religious world on the banks of Ganga.

This is how Paramesh Paul deftly sheds light on the true spirit of the city and offers altogether a different experience through his paintings

Pintu Paul

After meditative perseverance of more than a decade I the Kolkata based artist Pintu Paul has been able to arrive at a goal I was striving for to devise an indigenous identity of my painting. My figurative forms now display dominance of linearity with a sobriety of folk tranquility where the wisdom of neo-Indian style is transcended into post-1940-s modernistic approach of our art. In the mean time since the beginning of twenty-first century I traversed through various forms like naturalism, realism, expressionism and different kinds of folk. All these tracks have leaded me to this original expression I was striving for, very much akin to my own personality.

The subject of my paintings and drawings are mostly woman. In art subject is often considered secondary, the form only matters. In a very dexterously textured chromatic background my women appear in their emaciated, thin, often Modigliani like elongated physical stature with folkish dreamy extended eyes on triangular faces. Simplified geometrically is a special feature of my works where traditional orientalism amalgamates with Western expressionistic fantasy.

In my present forms I amalgamate various nuances of lyrical linearity of indigenous folk tradition, the meditative inwardness of Indian classical sensibility, the fantasy-oriented technique of transformation of human figures from naturalism towards an expressionist sobriety based on Western modernistic formal orientation. Through synthesis of all these elements, local and global I posit a benign, lyrical, witty, pleasant and colorful exposition of life, where indigenous traditional identity plays a dominant role.

I (born 1969) am a self-made artist without any institutional training. I have achieved my skill and sensitivity in art from my family heritage. My grand father was a creative potter, used to sculpt images of gods and goddesses. My father Phani Bhushan Paul was an ornament designer. Out of this heritage I achieved an in born insight into intrinsic rhythm of aesthetic creativity.

Pranav Kaushal

Born in New Delhi, 1977

I am a self-taught artist and I don’t have any formal training in arts, I am a qualified trainer in 2D Animation and I had worked previously with a reputed company as an Animator in Hyderabad. I feel painting and animation is quite similar considering a brush and a pencil in relation. For me art is passion and I always dreamt of living my passion and making it a reality!

Medium of my works include Acrylic on canvas my preference of subject is abstract and figurative in particular as it is a special area for me, but also because it allows me to compliment my previous education during my animation days. I have never restricted myself to the depth of art and love experimenting with different techniques keeping in mind my preferences of subjects. I depict my emotions through the colors, figurative interpretation and strokes that appear on my canvas

Pravin Gangurde

"I draw PAINTINGS, only to find what form a certain emotion, a certain feeling of my heart, can take on a canvas. In my efforts to express that feeling, a picture emerges." If someone meditates on that picture, he can experience the same emotion as was present in the painter’s heart.

When you see my paintings, you just see a form; you don’t realize that the soul of my inner artist is entering you. Those crisscross lines on the canvas are not just the lines of that form. If you concentrate on them, a picture with crisscross lines will emerge within you too... because it is the nature of the mind that it vibrates in you with a similar resonance to that which it sees outside it.

You probably do not know that the joy, which you feel when you see my paintings, is so much because of the geometry itself but because of the symmetry of its petals, which is also induced in you. When you are attracted to a beautiful face of someone, it is not because of that person’s beauty but because it corresponds to your inner image of beauty. It produces a resonance of beauty in you, which makes you feel that something within you is also beautified. In a similar way, the presence of an ugly face makes you feel uncomfortable. The experience of joy in the presence of someone who is beautiful is because of the flow of beauty, which it brings about in you, making you also more beautiful. Ugliness means that something is disproportionate, crude, non-symmetrical and crooked; and this evokes in us a feeling of disharmony, repulsion, disorder and discomfort.

In India, three words are very important: one is tantra, which we are talking about, another is mantra, and the third is yantra.

Tantra means techniques for expanding your consciousness. Mantra means finding your inner sound, your inner rhythm, your inner vibration. Once you have found your mantra, it is of tremendous help: just one utterance of the mantra and you are in a totally different world. That becomes the key, the passage, because once uttering that mantra, you fall into your natural vibe. And the third is yantra. These statues are yantras. Yantra means a certain figure which can create a certain state in you. A certain figure, if you look at it, is bound to create a certain state in you. Same all are in my paintings.

When you watch something, it is not only that the figure is outside – when you watch something, the figure creates a certain situation ‘objective art’. And you know it: listening to modern pop music, something happens in you – you become more excited same my paintings you will get that happiness in inner heart.. There is nothing but sound outside, but the sound hits inside – creates something in you. very beautiful creations like my paintings......

Pravin Suthar

Pravin Suthar completed my diploma in Fine Arts at the Dholka college.

Pravin had a deep penchant for drawing from an early age and according to him, he had God’s gift to visualize various forms of art on a wide spectrum of subjects and translate them to images through his artistic hands. His imagination and the speed with which its materialized on paper is amazing which is evident even now where he can portray any object or person in front of him and capture it on paper in a flash just by some quick strokes of his pencil.

Pravin specializes in depicting pure, devotional and spiritual love in abstract forms of man and woman in various poses on canvas. These brushstrokes reveal more than what one could try to express in a thousand words. The rich color combination and contrasts breathe in life and bring a touch of reality in his works.

This is the 7th major exhibition in which he has participated – his first international one, while all the previous six having been in India.

Prince Chand

Prince Chand follows the logic of Indian aesthetic (Rasa Bhava, Symmetry ornamentation Philosophical text) as well as the Indic image making techniques .His works are thus a convincing continuation of the forgoing vigorous art forms.

In this way he has utilized ancient motifs is fresh contemporary incarnation significantly achieved by focusing on aesthetic and almost sculptural techniques like reorganizing cum breaking symmetry, the reorientation of the same, as the simplification of structures and rhythms the modernization of traditional forms.

The present series of exhibited works have the immortal one; the Buddha, as the subjects and who in Chand’s hand is in line with the icons of a tradition that configures divine love on myriad planes as the principal of peace that makes the world stay sound. Buddha is an earthly replica of the indissolubly fused whole. His work is based on a principal as visualizes the energies of the supreme reality out of which comes peace. In his work you feel great resolve, as of indestructible inner faith. The embrace of love in its highest register means no other then a cessation of all disunion and conflict

Prithvi Soni

In 1969 Prithvi came to Bombai where he joint Shri Ram Kumar.

He started his career by starting in late Shri Raj Kapoor’s film ‘’Sangam”. He had sketch the film hoarding and banners 1 rupee per sketch. In India most renowned artist started their career by making film banners and posters like Shree M.F.Hussain.

In Spite of being fabulously sensuous, His images of young folk woman are typical male fantasies of female beauty. Another appreciable quality of his paintings is that they pursue sensuality in right earnest. They invoke appreciation not only for the beauty of the female personae but also for the culture that bedeck them in their dress and activity. It is in his paintings that he transforms ordinary every day subjects in to symphonies in color and has shown a penchant for women, women and women.

It was his vivid feel for lyrical color harmony that made his portraits stand out amongst many others. His works are obsessed with visible perfection. Soni is no stranger to showbiz folk, for he’s also a member of the Association of motion picture and TV program producers. His previous solo exhibition inaugurated by the like of Dilip Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Subbash Ghai, Yash Chopra, Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Anil Kapoor, Sharukh Khan, Bobby Deol, Rishi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, Twinkle Khanna, Priya Dutta, Gulzar, Jecki Shroff and more.

There’s a vast difference between his earlier work and current collection. He used to work with predominantly realistic figures with Rajasthani themes. Now he has broadened his scope to include various subjects with a touch of abstract. His work revolvers around the concepts of beauty and music.

Ranjit Kurmi

I wish to paint in narrative manner in which strong happenings and moving scence enable me to build see LINES, COLOURS, SHAPES and TEXTURES with which to build the final composition in semi – abstract forms with glimpses of reality emerging on the canvas.

I try to create a movement of depth and textures in relief form with skills of contemporary way of expression on canvas…!

Rekha Shivdasani

Rekha Shivdasani, 27 years a career person, Rekha started painting at the age of 40 when she moved away from the corporate world to follow her passion to paint...and there was no looking back six solo shows and several group shows later Rekha persues her art with the same determination and vigour.

Mumbai is an amazing hub for international art and the exposure is great. With some 50 odd women who paint with Rekha, she assists them to realize their dream to paint.. As the saying goes EARTH WITHOUT ART IS. JUST.........EH.

Sachin Jaltare

From afar you notice deft splashes of muted colors in serene shades of blues, browns and greys. The shades skillfully blended together create amazing abstracts on canvas. However, one looks at them closely, one is able to inspect the passionate painted figures and outlines taking shape. Bold and brushstrokes and skilled usage of colors characterize artist Sachin Jaltare's works.

The Hyderabad based artist, born in 1969 in Maharashtra, did his B.F.A. from Chitarakala Mahavindyala Nagpur in 1991. He has featured in several group shows and solo shows in India and abroad

In essence, he captured the interaction between the different figures skillfully.

Sanjay Raut

Sanjay draws his visual inspirations from the skeins of his imaginations, making that era of the past come alive with a vibrant immediacy. Though the imagery is illustrative it has layers of meaning that draws the viewer in, a mind trip his paintings have the quality of photo-realism. The detailing in his paintings too The backgrounds too delight the viewer, the numerous religious wall paintings, fading with exposure to the elements This imagery of religious graffiti can be found pan India, and this he uses to his advantage.

Sanjay’s canvases also explore the themes of gods and goddesses, of stories told by a mother to her child of how brave, and regal, and wonderful and virtuous that ethereal realm was and that’s the other source he draws his inspirations from once again a popular theme with Indian calendar art, but sanjay’s depictions go beyond that, as though our gods and goddesses were real live people, posting for a pageantry.

Sanjay says he can go on with this thematic exploration. He can he does and there is never a boring moments, each image like no other unique and capsuled in time.

Sanjiivv Sankpal

The meeting of all that work and its place in the wide heritage of art and culture and my interest and dwelling in this area.. India my country is still richer in its culture and traditions in which one of the treasure is mythology and the Yoga and meditations passed on by our ancestors and has taught me to be steady in worldly triffles, which even evolves new Ideas in me to assist my artworks. So, when I paint I get isolated from world and enjoy. And I feel everyone looking at my painting must cheer-up.

Shivani Mathur

Shivani Mathur is a talented contemporary artist from Delhi, India currently living in Dubai. She has acquired her master’s degree in Arts with specialization in ‘Oil Painting’ from India. Shivani’s paintings have a life of their own; they are rich, vivid, elegant and mystical.

Radha - Krishna and Adam & Eve are the subjects on which she has done a series of paintings. Love, affection and human feelings are the core ideas, which the artist exhibits, on canvas in her own distinctive style.

Lavish use of bright color hues in many of her paintings has a breath-taking effect on the observer. Several of her paintings have a potent message; she subtly uses a riot of colors and definite brushstrokes to convey her point of view.

The artist is totally devoted to art and considers painting as a mode of meditation for her. She feels that painting is an important element in any décor, it not only reflects your beliefs but also can elevate mood. It is not a piece of decoration that changes every time, a good painting can last for generations.


To connect with Shivani Mathur, like her page ‘Colour2create’ ( on Facebook. Through this page she keeps art enthusiasts updated about her new paintings, exhibition details and also gives away interesting tips on how to use colours to create a statement.

Sunil Shegaonkar

As an Artist, past Twenty-Five years my meditation on art is with mile depth. I had worked with my own one-way giving shape to style of my realistic art. New Invention and special technique giving shape to my exclusive art. Now nice space was created in the heart of lot of art lovers.

I assisted my own realistic paintings studied then and made them to lively as a real photography that they sounded as real one as they are. Reality by Acrylic colors on canvas. As if they are real one that made me this well known among you.My birthplace is Umred in Nagpur district. My art came up at this stage only due to my life circumstances. I found the way to survive by art for bread and butter.

Nagpur was awesome but my art was not getting a proper way, so in 1994 I entered a capital of Maharashtra - Mumbai, where dream came true and leaded my art by sitting on footpath of Church gate Station to sell greeting cards and paintings for two years, were my paintings brightened, and got a new way.

In this my way was lightened. That time I painted Modern and contemporary for wall of modern architecture. Then I shifted to Pune where I got the nice opportunity to paint Shri Sai Charitra on big canvases by Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan. I painted about 100 paintings from last 7 years. This project is the milestone project first time In India. Because this project is to portray of shri saibaba’s life biography on 8 x 5 fts. Canvases. In a real way as real as 100 years ago.

With these Indian festivals, culture and life style paintings as well as the great personalities paintings were painted. My paintings speak every moment of life and reality. I pour more and more liveliness with color in my paintings. This passion makes me the real artist. My collection of paintings is with great personalities, Industrialist, architects, designers, politicians, Institutions and Trusts in India and abroad.

Suresh Parihar

Suresh Parihar, born in 1970 in Rajasthan. He began his journey of art from childhood. He is a self-taught artist; had his first solo at Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai, 1992.

Suresh’s acrylic on canvases is abstractions of interior and exterior landscapes. In them a fair degree of surface is generated by bold sweeping striations of color. The light and fine texturing is achieved with brush, knife and roller. The large and small rollers he uses and the varied pressure he exerts on them create the softer textures that he interweaves into the abstract landscapes.

The wide trajectory of his brush often glides through the initial deposit of paint, lifting it, removing some, banking it along the sides, and creating a pleasing tactility. Then it suddenly skids and halts as the paints runs out and reveals underlying surface. Surface, texture, structure and color become its integral element. The paintings are in fact sites for the condition of color of light and of space, as much as of emotion and creative energy. The power color in his work to generate light and atmosphere and even evoke image cannot be discontinued. Transparent fluid overlays of pristine color weaves the lyricism of hills with transitions of reflected light land and sky interpenetrate, synthesized and abstracted as free floating spatial illusions plummet the depth of inward looking realms.

We feel the squelch of wet earth, smells its red blue color, listen to the ineffable blueness of a noonday sky. Each sensation, heightened, synesthetic and synchronous, is held in abstract suspension, as he painting becomes the still point for meditations, transparent veil before the mystery.

Swati Pasari

Colors. Colors provide identity to an object. Colors are also the first perception of a newborn child as it climbs out of a mother’s womb. First there are colors, and then there are shapes and structures. Finally, there is a vague understanding of the world surrounding the child based on what the child sees. It is the same for all of us. Research shows, that visual perception influences the human mind more deeply than any other form of perception. For instance, we get soaked in the beauty of a beautiful landscape when we see one and similarly our hearts sink in grief when we see an image of the destitute in Africa. The colors and shapes we see have a deep impact on our mood and psychology.

As we swing day and night through different emotions, we keep painting our life-canvas with different colors. Soon the colors take shape and we have what others call a “personality”. And then some aspects of the personality keep changing with time, while some other aspects are permanent.

Through her paintings, artist, Swati Pasari has been exploring the world of spirituality and self-cognition for a number of years now. Her work has earned her accolades all over the globe and this time, she is back with a collection of paintings expressing the sheer joy of existence. Her attempt is to understand life and herself through the world of her paintings and hence this collection is aptly called “The many colors of life”

What we see, what we think, what we experience shapes our identity and creates the person that we become. If we seek the company of the enlightened, think only positive thoughts and talk health and happiness to all we meet, we will become healthy, happy and successful. Adopting this timeless principle in her paintings, Swati has made use of bright vibrant colors to create characters immersed in joy and bliss.Suddenly, the following lines from Rumi become more meaningful:

Syed Azhar

Profound thoughts and ideas, from the subconscious, surface in the creation of Syed Azhar. He is a painter of concept with a flavour of impressionist, though he mostly concentrates on dramatic light that enhances his themes splash on his bold canvases. He is one among those who introduced 3D painting in contemporary style in India. Azhar is the first painter in India to have executed the pioneering work of painting the 99 names of Allah in a solo exhibition held at chitrakoot art gallery in 2009. His talent for painting was inherited from his father who was a cinema hall hoarding painter. Despite holding several solo exhibitions he has also exhibited his works in the galleries such as Renaissance art gallery in Bangalore, Cymroza in Mumbai, Academy of fine art in kolkata, Aifacs - New Delhi, National Academy of Art in Lucknow, Birla Academy of Art and culture in kolkata etc.

Apart from being a self - taught painter, Azhar is also an interior designer. He is a worth priced painter whose works are in the collections of many art galleries, private and corporate’s in India & abroad as well.

Ullas Raikar

Artist Ulhas Raikar, who born in Goa and lives in Pune, his art works are all delighting and enlighting to any body soul .The artist who believes in Indian culture and art that shows in his art work. He have been using fine line and fine details with mix medium in his paintings which is very time consuming, at least 250hrs or 350hrs to make a painting with his style.

Every artwork reflects the Indian rich culture. He did specialization in ancient Indian art (miniature and contemporary ). He turned miniature art into contemporary art and created a new style ‘ KAMROOP SHAILY - STYLE ’ this name come from ‘ Kammakha Devi ’ the Indian goddess, worship in different states of India, he also very influenced by this and believe that he can contribute something to the society by showcasing our culture his style of art work in a manner that people are able to appreciate its beauty and realize its value. He loves to work with mix medium but also do several other mediums. Artist work is a window to see our fabulous and beautiful Indian culture.

Umakant Tavade

Artist Umakant has been working on the concepts and figures of the Buddha since last many years. Gnosis/ Bhikus is one further step in his creation of thought involving Buddha and Buddhism. . Here he directly paints the representatives of the Buddha- the Monks. Along with Dalai Lama, there are novice monks. We find that these novice monks’ expressions are not serene and meditative but seem to be at the infantile stage of becoming Monks; they have childish innocence on their face. They are allowed to explore their physical world and with the aid of Buddhist preaching they slowly develop self-awareness.

Process of creativity is like these novice monks, a process of becoming self aware and breaking free from of influence from others. Without imposing grueling knowledge and letting them be of their age; this natural way of growing and side-by-side acquiring knowledge in a systematic way would turn them into serene and self-controlled Monks.

These paintings are unique in the sense that the images are well known but they are metaphoric representation of real creativity and shows us that path to spiritual growth; be it by following Buddhism as by Buddhist monks or by being creative person. The path is difficult and main hurdle is mind and soul and development of self-awareness. Self-awareness by Monks or by artist, would surely lead to spiritual upliftment. The show is worth watching as imparting knowledge through visual means.

Vikrant Shitole

An established artist, Vikrant Shitole is best known for his watercolors. He is a graduate in fine arts with merit from Mumbai University. He paints with various styles, mediums and techniques – adopting the best suitable feature to reproduce on paper what he sees in person. Most of his achievements till now have been in fluid medium of watercolors and genre of landscapes.

Process of creativity is like these novice monks, a process of becoming self aware and breaking free from of influence from others. Without imposing grueling knowledge and letting them be of their age; this natural way of growing and side-by-side acquiring knowledge in a systematic way would turn them into serene and self-controlled Monks.

Participations in national level exhibitions like Art society of India and Bombay art society were followed up with those on international level. Awards at Istanbul watercolor Society, Palm art awards-Germany and Art Society of India, Prafulla Dahanukar foundation award for emerging artist of the year to name a few were highlights of Vikrant's thriving young career which has seen solo n few group shows as well. Vikrant recently got an opportunity to travel and work in Europe. Where he worked under the guidance of renowned artist Mr. Alvaro Castgnet. He also successfully conducted a watercolor workshop in France.

Vikrant has moved his base to Dubai. He is exploring Arab culture and trying to capture its essence it in his latest work.

Vikrant is now representing International Watercolor Society (IWS), UAE.

Vilas Nayak

As the music reaches its crescendo so do the brush strokes and before you realize there is a canvas of colors before your eyes. That’s Vilas Nayak for you! Vilas is a self-taught artist who started painting at the age of 3. He loves spontaneity and works very fast. His favorite medium to paint is watercolors and acrylics. He quit his lucrative corporate job to pursue his passion for art. Today, he is well known all over the world for his magical brush strokes as a speed-painting artist.

His appearances on numerous Television shows like Asia’s Got Talent on AXN, India’s Got Talent and Got Talent world stage live on Colors, Presidents Star Charity on Singapore Channel 5, has caught attention of millions of art lovers. He has performed in 22 countries and his art works have been much appreciated by great personalities like Football Legend Pele, Ex president of India Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, President of Singapore Tony Tan Keng Yam, Sachin Tendulkar, AR Rahman, French Movie Director Betrand Tavernier, Legendary music producer David Foster, Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton, Bollywood stars Sharukh Khan, Salman Khan and many more! He responds to the current happenings around the world by his beautiful art works that give out a message of peace and harmony in the world. He actively participates in various fund raising events and till date has raised 1 Million US Dollars for charity by auctioning his live art works.

Vivek Kumavat


The form of the bull indicates power... strength to do a great capacity of work. As it is said healthy mind n body leads to good wealth. The magnetic structure of a bull attracts the positivity form the to world construct a strong base. Its charismatic form to take off the negativity form the space around and builds a concrete power /firmness that crates positivity and ultimately wealth.

It also plays a strong role in our Indian epics with lord Shiva ... known as Nandi ".

The form of the bull keeps the mind and body active and strong...

Yashpal Kamble

I am painting for showcase the peaceful way of Buddhism. I used to paint Buddha, Monk, Deer, Global Pagoda, Meditation signs and various forms. I not only paint but also meditate before painting. Its not matter which medium I use but I prefer to explain my thought anyhow. Charcoal, Acrylic, Oil color all mediums are used in my painting. I also use paper and canvas to take advantage its surface for beauty.My habitual ambition is make happy to viewer. He can read my painting and enjoy the purity of concept. I keep study the balance between viewer and my artwork. I paint many paintings in acrylics only but also use single medium of charcoal. Charcoal and acrylic color is also used to indicate the beauty of main form.

The concepts are painted by life of child monk, their ruin life and dedicated life for Buddha, Buddha's story or different moments according science. All forms have been turned to recent condition of generation. Suffering world, depressed life of human being and its solution into Buddha's thought is the way of my painting. We realize that, we want happy and peaceful life forever. I tag the connection between painting and viewer by realistic beauty. Beauty and reality are original science of my art. Painting, viewer and the way of art is my ambition to keep relation between all. Last but not least my art is pure beauty for viewer.

Aamir Khatri

"Aamir Khatri is a born artist from Pakistan. He loves painting horses, Pigeons and faces as the inspirational beast to him is considered as an emblem of peace.

He displayed his work in Miami, London, Rome, Milan, Spain, Singapore, Dubai, India, and Pakistan etc. Inspired by Picasso, Sadequain, Hussain, and Khatri experiments with portraiture, impressionism.

He is a keen observer of human sentiments and uses this talent profusely in his artwork. He wants people to know him as an ambassador for peace and humamity".

  • 2015 Auction for cancer patients in U.S.A. Organized by NTFA.
  • 2014 Charity for LADY Duffrin Hospital, Karachi.
  • 2010 Silent Auction by Koel Art Gallery, Karachi.
  • 2015 Poetry in motion, Akbar Liaquat Ali Khan’s House, Karachi
  • 2012 Thirst for peace, Pakistan High Commission, London.
  • 1997 A message through confession, Sadequain Art Gallery, Karachi,
  • 2016 Fiarte International Arte de Granada, Spain,
  • 2016 International art exhibition, Galleria la pigna, Rome, Italy..
  • 2015 Start Art by Antero Art Group, State Art Gallery, Hyderabad, India.
  • 2015 “Art for all”, Art zest Dubai. The gallery of light, Ductac, Mall of the Emirates.
  • 2015 "Shraddhanjkali India International, Lalit Kala Academy Regional Centre, India
  • 2015 Fiarte International Arte de Granada, Spain,
  • 2014 Fiarte International Arte de Granada, Spain,
  • 2013 Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery, Miami, Florida,
  • 2013 Ex Alt Fair, Milan, Italy,
  • 2012 Parallex Art Fair, London, UK.
  • 2015 Grandeur Art Gallery, Karachi.
  • 2014 Grandeur Art Gallery, Karachi.
  • 2012 Grandeur Art Gallery, Karachi.
  • 2011 “United in the Age of dialogue”, National Art Gallery, Islamabad.
  • 2009 Majmua Art Gallery, Karachi.
  • 2001 Nomad Art Gallery, Islamabad.
  • 2000 Funkaar Art Gallery, Karachi.
  • 1999 Majmua Art Gallery, Karachi.
  • 1996 Majmua Art Gallery, Karachi.
  • 1995 Art Collectors Gallery, Karachi.
  • 1994 Art Collectors Gallery, Karachi.
  • 1994 P.N.C.A. National Art Gallery, Islamabad.
  • 1994 Sadequain Art Gallery, Karachi
  • 1992 Sadequain Art Gallery, Karachi.
  • 1986 Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi.

Aarti Zaveri

Not being an ardent follower of any particular art school of thoughts, I, Aarti Zaveri, have nurtured my thoughts, imaginations and emotions with abundance of colors. I define myself as an “Individualistic” who is inclined to learn from nature and the surroundings. When dawn or sunset spreads scenes of multi-colored vision on the horizon of sky, my tender senses begin to work with oil and colors, transforming lines into lively creations! My understanding of intricate human emotions started when I was commissioned by Ministry Of Defence, India to do a series of portrait of the Gallant Soldiers and martyrs of Indian Army who were awarded with Param Vir Chakra - thus came the Inspiration for “PEHCHAAN”

As an Artist & a Painter, I am poignantly obsessed with colors and paintings. My fantasies and imaginations have always been to depict emerging human emotions, state of emancipation from fear, failures and voids. It has always been my endeavor to portray aspects of human life where love, joy, freedom and ecstasy triumph over harsh circumstances of life. My works speak to rebel against sorrow and depression.

My present series based on time the one of the most valuable thing in a person’s life – Time; the zone of the unknown. This series is based on a simple question that aroused in me – Is it us who made time, or time that has made us what we are? Moments are experience of life in present. It has nothing to do with time. For example, at night when we look at the stars in open sky they feel real to us. But, in reality it is quite different. The stars that seem to be twinkling might have died ages ago and what we see is just the light of star that has been traveling. So the ‘experience’ of our moments has no connection with time. Moments are here and now.

Abdulrahaman Aldorani

Abdulrahman Aldorani is a fine artist from Qatar. He is a Founder, Chairman of Art Galaxie co.

His work in general moves along two trajectories, realism and expressionism, documenting the heritage of his country in one, while incorporating modern innovations and flourishes in another.

He is entirely self-taught artist and lives to be creative. He is inspired by things he sees around him - a line, a shadow, a texture, a color. Form and shape and how color masses interact - it's all part of what gets him going in a creative pursuit. His latest exhibition demonstrated under the title Faces Passing, recently held at the Souq Waqif Art Centre which is his second exhibition at the Centre, features 28 works in various media including both traditional portraits and colorful expressions. Which seek to depict the emotions behind facial expressions by means of bold lines and striking hues. “Qatar Tribune”.

Exhibitions & Events:
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel Resort - 1st Mar. 2012 to 28th Feb. 2013
  • Open Public Gallery 23 of Qatari and Residents 2012
  • Opening of Souq Waqif Art Centre 2012
  • Mal Lawal Exhibition (QMA) 12th Sep. 2012 to 11th Oct. 2012
  • Solo Exhibition at Souq Waqif Art Centre - 12th Nov 2012 - 12th Dec 2012
  • Qatari Group Exhibition at Qatar Fine Art Society 2012
  • Katara 2014 - group exhibition
  • Fourth Youth Creative Centre Exhibition 2013
  • Solo Exhibition at Souq Waqif Art Centre 2014 & 2015, Youth Art Centre 2014, Art Auction for Charity 2014.
  • MAPS, Qatar Exhibition in Katara - Qatar 2014 & 2015
  • International Art Gallery – Vanesa – Italy 2015
  • Calcutta Art Biennale - 2015, India.

Amit Kumar

Educational Qualification
  • 2007 – B. F. A. (Painting) Patna University
  • 2009 - M. F. A (Painting)
Solo Exhibition
  • 2008 – Book Fair, Patna
Group Exhibitions
  • 2001 - Annual Art Exhibition Organized by College of Arts & Crafts, Patna
  • 2003 - Annual Art Exhibition Organized by College of Arts & Crafts, Patna
  • 2004 - Annual Art Exhibition Organized by College of Arts & Crafts, Patna
  • 2005 - Annual Art Exhibition Organized by College of Arts & Crafts, Patna
  • 2005 – Visual Art Exhibition Org by Bihar Lalit Kala Academy, Patna
  • 2006 - Annual Art Exhibition Organized by College of Arts & Crafts, Patna
  • 2006 – Rastriya Kala Mela Org by Allahabad University
  • 2006 – East Zone Camlin Art Exhibition
  • 2001 – All India University Camp Org by Kalyani University, kolkata
  • 2006 - Painting Workshop Organized by “Variation” Hyderabad
  • 2006 - Painting Workshop Organized by “Variation”, Ahmedabad
  • 2007 - Painting Workshop Organized by “Variation” Patna
  • 2007 - Painting Workshop Organized by “Variation” Chennai
  • 2007 – National Art Festival Org by Kala Rang Kala sang, Gwalior(M.P)
  • 2008 – Octave Cultural & Crafts Spectrum from North East
  • 2010- Regional Camp, Org by Lalit Kala Academy, Mandu (M.P)
Awarded by
  • 2001 - College Of Arts & Craft Patna
  • 2001 - Patna Museum, Patna
  • 2002 - Patna Museum, Patna
  • 2003 - College Of Arts & Craft Patna
  • 2004 - College Of Arts & Craft Patna
  • 2005 - College Of Arts & Craft Patna
  • 2006 - College Of Arts & Craft Patna
  • Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden, Patna
  • Youth Culture Department, Patna
  • Bihar Lalit Kala Academy, Patna
  • College Of Art & Craft Patna

Asit Kumar Patnaik

Figures and gender concerns have always been the two definitive features of Asit Kumar Patnaik’s work. His observations on the people and the world around him and beyond are manifested in the subtle shifts within the equations between his signature figures, both male and female

These recent works are prefaced, for one, by a great deal of individuation. Only one figure - male or female - claims the foreground, as it were, in a majority of works. The second figure - or a collection of them - hovers in the background, often in conjunction with dense networks of lines and shades or constituting the backgrounds themselves.

Eye contact between the figures is framed by fresh codes of engagement. It is no longer two figures looking at, or through, each other, observing and measuring up all the time, anticipating possible responses and considering next moves, in a relentless dialectic of interpersonal engagement. There is, instead, in the looks of Patnaik’s figures a new languid intensity, encompassing engagements not merely with each other but with forces and fantasies beyond.

Several works here have the woman fenced by several men in the background. Men are not only many, they wear different colors too, in a way distinct from the multiple selves of men in earlier works, and almost all of them are lost in themselves in the background. Multiplicity of selves, not an entirely new trend in Patnaik’s works, is pushed here almost to a breaking point, with each self on the verge of mutating into distinct entities even as it struggles to articulate its fragmented narratives. The consignment of men in, and as, the background could be read alternatively as both a tribute to the confident urban women and a tentative peek into the corridors of uncertainty into which the men consequently find themselves.

Also on display is a selection of experimental drawings. They follow no formal or thematic order, although all display a profusion of emerging heads against a thickly textured background of layered and intricate networks of colors, lines and shades. On closer inspection, their formal arrangement may be likened to embryonic movements within a womb, the physical shapes not yet fully formed, and as such containing possibilities that cannot as yet be manageably named. That is why these sketches are best read as prefiguration’s, open but not infinite in the range of possibilities they anticipate.

What are the implications of these explorations at the edges of individuality? Read together with the reduced level of direct eye contact, the emphasis on separate background textures appear to explore productively a tension, or even divergence, between the perceived concerns and interests of the protagonists. It is not so much a reduction in the direct engagement between the as its transmutation to another plane, probing anxieties and terrains beyond the immediacies of duality. Ultimately, this series is all about interrogating the familiar, as well as the fictive, and their mutual articulations. Relations, when refuse easy definitions and boundaries, open out in all directions, as networks of entanglements, as potentialities and processes that resist closures as a matter of course.

Madan Lal

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but the ever eager and forever curious Madan Lal believes it’s important to ponder and wonder. His own cultural roots, the miniature tradition, the frescoes of Ajanta and Ellora, however, have consistently defined his imagery. Till date in the mudras of his figures you can sense the deeply imbibed influence of the Indian tradition. Sufism that also defines his poetry makes a strong presence on his canvasses too. The central figure in many of his paintings with head bowed in submission is almost like a Sufi figure. Buddha appears in many of his series... for which Indian artist can escape the influence of his mantra of eternal bliss?

Madan’s anthropomorphic images--- part human part animal--are employed deftly to paint the emotional-scape of human beings and the complexity of man woman relationships. Eroticism too is a recurring thread. He doesn’t view erotica and spirituality as two disparate ends of the spectrum, as both demand complete submission and immersion. Art and aesthetics too go hand in hand for him. Whatever may be the subject, he paints beauty... period. While elements of nature such as birds, peacocks, clouds, trees are bound to be beauteous, in his hands, dustbins become rose plants, road maps a lyrical figure. Why he lends sensuality even to a urinal. Besides, when he uses animal form… it’s not with negative thought or connotation. It’s not animal instinct that he is alluding to but animal power, drive and energy. Negativity has no place in his art even when he is reflecting upon profound issues. Like a true blue Punjabi he finds joie de vivre in everything he sees and touches. The world anyway is swarming with ugliness.... why add to it? So he believes and practices.

The methodology he has arrived at is very much his own. He moved away from time consuming medium of oils to acrylics for it suits his temperament and his technique. Step by step he applies one layer of color, draws a little then adds another layer and the process goes on and on till he knows the dialogue with his canvass is over.

As he crosses seven seas and participates in workshops across continents in places as diverse as London, Sweden, Turkey & Macedonia he is enthralled with how visual idiom connects beyond cultural divide. Vice-Chairperson of the Chandigarh Lalit Kala Academy, he likes forging the bond between art lovers and artists. Working with Handicrafts & Textile with Punjab Government, Chandigarh has also cemented his connect with the world of art.

AWARDS & Honor
  • 2017 - 58th national academy Award by Lailt kala Academy New Delhi
  • 2016 - Prafulla Dahanukar art foundation sliver medal
  • 2015 - Prafulla Dahanukar art foundation Emerging artist Award
  • 2001 - Gold medal All India Exhibition by Avantika, New Delhi
  • 2000 - All India Millennium Drawings by PLKA & Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi
  • 2000 - All India Exhibitions By AIFACS at Chandigarh.
  • Secretary - Punjab lalit kala academy 1999-2003
  • Secretary -Chandigarh lalit kala Akademi 2003-2006
  • Vice Chairman- Chandigarh lalit kala akademi since-2012
National Exhibition
  • 2017 58th national exhibition Bengaluru
  • 2016 - Global art fair world trade center Mumbai
  • 2016 Indian art Fair worli Mumbai
  • 2015- 57th National Exhibition of art by lalit kala Akademi new Delhi
  • 2015 - All India National Exhibition by Lalit kala Akademi New Delhi
  • 2015 - Indian art fair Worli Mumbai
  • 2014 - 56th Nation Exhibition of Art by Lalit Kala academy New Delhi
  • 2013 - 55th national exhibition by Lalit kala akademi New Delhi
  • 2014 - Group exhibition of paintings at Birla Akademi Kolkata
  • 2013 - Triveni exhibition of paintings by three artists at Gallery Art Place Gurgaon
  • 2012 Exhibition of paintings by untitled group at Punjab kala Bhavan Chandigarh
  • 2011 - Group show Curetted by Art File art promoter & services at Govt. Museum Art Gallery Chandigarh
  • 2011 Group “UNTITLED “show at Punjab Lalit Kala Academy Art Gallery, Chandigarh.
  • 2011 Group “UNTITLED” show at Rabindra Bhawan, Lalit Kala Academy Art Gallery, New Delhi
  • 2010 Exhibition of paintings & Drawings at Chandigarh & Ludhiana By Chandigarh
  • 2010 Exhibition of Untitled Paintings Punjab Lalit Kala, Chandigarh
  • 2009 Exhibition of Paintings at Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2008 Exhibition of Painting Habitat Centre, New Delhi
  • 2007 Exhibition of Paintings at Lalit Kala Academy, Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi
  • 2007 Exhibition by Nvya Art gallery, New Delhi
  • 2006 Exhibition of Paintings by Art Indus at Habitat Center New Delhi
  • 2006 Exhibition by Indian Art form at Habitat Center, New Delhi
  • 2005 Polka Vision by Polka Art Gallery, New Delhi
  • 2000 Exhibition of Paintings at Nehru Centre , Worli Mumbai
  • 1997 Exhibition of Paintings at AIFACS, New Delhi
  • 1997 Exhibition of Paintings at Punjab Lalit Kala Academy, Chandigarh
  • 1997 Exhibition of Paintings at Punjab Lajpat Rai Bhawan, Chandigarh
  • 1995 Exhibition of Paintings at Fine Art Deptt., Punjab University, Chandigarh
  • 2016 Exhibition of paintings & drawings at panjab kala Bhawan
  • 2013 Exhibition of paintings at Sridharni , Triveni kala sangam New Delhi
  • 2013 Exhibition of paintings and drawings at Art Indus Gallery New Delhi
  • 2013 Exhibition of paintings at Jahangir art gallery Mumbai
  • 2012 Exhibition of paintings & drawings at Art Folio Chandigarh
  • 2011 Exhibition of Paintings at Sridharni Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi
  • 2008 Exhibition of Paintings Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2007 Exhibition of Drawing & Paintings at Art Indus, New Delhi
  • 2006 Exhibition of Painting at Art Folio, Chandigarh
  • 2005 Exhibition of Paintings at Art Folio, Chandigarh
  • 2005 Exhibition of Paintings at Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi
  • 2004 Exhibition of Paintings at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi
  • Govt. Museum & Art Gallery, Chandigarh
  • Museum of fine art, Punjab University, Chandigarh
  • Fine Art Deptt, Kurukshetra
  • ITDC, Rai Foundation
  • Aura Art Foundation
  • AIFACS, New Delhi
  • Indian Academy of Fine Art, Amritsar
  • Chandigarh Lalit Kala Academy
  • Punjab Lalit Kala Academy
  • Bank of Punjab, Gallery 54 Paris, Art Folio Chandigarh, The Art Mall New Delhi
  • Artistic Creation New Delhi, Art Indus New Delhi, Nvya New Delhi. Advance Study, Shimla.
  • London, Germany, USA, Dubai, Macedonia, Turkey.

Amit Bhar

Amit was born in Hooghly Chinsurah (West Bengal) in 1973. Even as a child his first love was art. It was the primary objective of his life. His notebooks at school were invariably filled with sketches and paintings. The scintillating, pristine, rustic beauty of rural Bengal inspired him to take the brush at a very tender age.

The clear blue skies, fallen autumn leaves, grazing cattle and the daily life of the village, nestled on the banks of the river Hoogly inspired him.

Amit was blessed with the guidance of Shri Paresh Das, a noted artist and gold medallist. Subsequently he gained further insights into art under the famous Subal Janaand Niloy Ghosh, who together enriched his style. Bikash Bhattacharya and Suhas Roy also inspired him during his initial period.

Amit speaks of his style as “…a new semi realistic technique of texturing with the realistic play of light and shade”.

His latest series on Buddha was inspired from the images of Ajanta paintings and Gandhara sculptures. Amit carefully blends the two forms of ancient Indian art and individualizes his innovative style. The Rajasthan series appearing like the photographic collages captures the glimpses of the puppets and the musicians. It gradually unfolds in the minds the images of the colorful folklore of Rajasthan against the sandy milieu.

Amit can capture every subject on his canvas. In a nutshell, his painting lets the viewer to re-examine the threshold between illusion and reality, between waking and dreaming.

Yashwant Shirwadkar

Yashwant Shirwadkar is a master in impressionistic landscape painting. Initially making pencil drawings and watercolour sketches on location he then works in the oil medium with palette knife to create his landscape paintings. His impressionistic style is somewhat dictated by his choice of implement, the palette knife, the fleeting strokes help define the beautiful scenery of the chosen region. Whether he is portraying the city of Mumbai, or the ghats of Benaras, Shirwadkar’s love of architecture is unmistakable and has largely influenced his work.

Most frequent amongst Shirwadkar's works are scenes from the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India. Most Hindus consider Varanasi a holy city, as the River Ganges flows through it. In Shirwadkar's paintings we see this city in all of its glory. He paints people taking dips in the river or praying and meditating on its banks, the multitude of small temples almost falling of the cliff face and the narrow streets teeming with life and activity.

Shirwadkar manages to blend his colours so well in all his paintings, that we actually see the radiance from a setting or rising sun lighting up the city and transforming it into a shimmering and almost breathing, beautiful creature. In his 2002 canvas, 'Symphony on the Steps,' we see how the artist has deftly used a palette knife (no brushwork at all) and oils to recreate the typical scene one witnesses on a Banaras Ghat, or the steps that lead down to the river.

Ashif Hossain

Ashif Hossain hails from Kolkata, Stay in Mumbai and his paintings predominately dwell on life. A graduate of the Government College of Arts, Kolkata.

Indian culture, its vibrant colors and the idea of secularism inspire the artist and the same is reflected in his artworks. The metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata stimulate his creative thought process and a lot his paintings depict this. Contrasting the modern with the past, inspiration is picked up from the everyday life around us – the infrastructure, the people and the busy chaotic lives of the cities. His works depict his thoughts on life and its past.

He also paints frames within his paintings to show two lives, the past that is delineated through people/objects inside the frame and the present outside it. These frames lend an inventive feel to his sepia tinted works.

Using acrylic paint, primarily black, brown and white with hints of blue and red, He paints to reveal unique shades on his canvas. Brown and black is used together to give an antique look whereas white enhances the painting by giving it an open space. Blue and red adds life to the painting by making the sepia / monochrome-toned works more vibrant. Acrylic paint is used to create a watercolor effect on his canvases.

Jahnvi Shah

I have a Diploma in Fine Arts and a heart full of colors

A certified Waldorf teacher, enthusiast artist & emotional blogger who is always singing and dancing on the tunes of her own poems. Right from Odyssey and contemporary to jive and belly dance, I love performing on different tunes of life while I travel to places and learn new things. “Feeling hungry” is out of my dictionary because I love to cook and tingle my taste buds with different flavors. Adding on to my bucket list, I also learnt drama, squash and swimming. Above all, to calm my soul and add colors to my life, I dwelled into the vibe of angel therapy and photography.

An epiphany of void in life every time I worked somewhere made me want to try new things and get experiences to search for my passion to fill those gaps.

Have curated an art show with my colleagues in Mumbai at the age of 20 with some renowned artists, was also extensively covered by various publications.

I have also had the privilege to have my very own solo art show in Mumbai this year, which was a smashing success.

I’m also pursuing Art Based Therapy.

In ABT there is a concurrence of art forms (drama, music, and visual arts). This enables a practitioner to acquire a generic vocabulary of stories, songs, roles, rhythms, drawings, and colors, and use appropriate combinations to address specific client needs.


  • 2016 - The Gallery of Light I DUCTAC, Dubai – February 6th to 12th, at Mall of Emirates, U.A.E
  • 2017 - Galleria Leela, Mumbai
  • 2016 – Trident Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2015 – Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2016 – IAF SPARSH Feeling of Colors
  • 2015 – VIBRANT BRUSH Co-curated By VIJAY VERMA
  • 2015 - India Art Festival.
  • 2014 - Epicentre Gurgaon
  • 2013 - Strokes of Luck – Pune
  • 2012 – Camel Art Foundation, Mumbai
  • 2012 - ‘White Noise’ at Nitanjali Art Gallery Delhi.
  • 2011 - Xpressions Art Gallery Pune
  • 2011 - ‘Harmonious Chants’ at Nitanjali Art Gallery Delhi.
  • 2010 - Gallery Jahangir Art Gallery2009 - Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi
  • 2009 - Indian Habitat Centre Delhi
  • 2009 - ‘Mindscapes’ in Pune


UK, USA, Japan, Nepal, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Surat, Baroda, Jaipur and Many Private Collection.

Janvi Mahimtura Folmsbee

I paint, and I have always enjoyed the process of making art. It allows me to express, describe, manipulate, and portray the world around me without injecting my emotions into the process. The works I make are conceptually realistic. I tend to work on different series that are inspired by everyday environments that I am placed in, or by observations of the world and people around me. I use traditional oil technique and understanding to create the imagery for my work. The works relate conceptually to issues associated to humanism. Each work is a commentary on social behavior.

I feel that we’ve come into a time where different societies and cultures have started adapting to the concept of globalization. We all internationally relate to similar political, social, and popular issues. We have been accepting each other’s cultures and heritage. There is a definite proof of this in our adaptation to blend into different societies and communities. The fact that we understand and implement different rituals from different societies and cultures into our daily practices stands as proof that there is a definite sense of blending taking place on a global scale.

This process of blending, that I refer to, does not involve the loss of one’s identity and cultural heritage, but the acceptance of someone else’s and being a part of an international community. The concept of blending has been a part of my work for a long time. I paint random figures into situations and environments that they don’t necessarily belong in. The works have indirect representations of universally understood body language and objects embedded within them. What I find intriguing is how different international societies and people actually relate to the works. The light and heavy conceptual subject matter, along with underlying social issues in my work are universal, they are things people experience on a daily basis, no matter what continent they may be on.

The works are open to interpretation and are meant to be subjective and can be “perceived” by the viewer in whichever way he or she chooses. Like the imagery, my titles are taken from quotations that people in my everyday life might say to me. There is a definite sense of humor I choose to bring to some of my works through the use of these titles. The works are interactive and meant to build up intrigue.

Jayant Bhokare

Painting is nothing but way to show our view of thinking in front of world.

I Jayant V. Bhokare resident of Pune, Maharashtra. I have pursued my Diploma In G.D. Art from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalay, Pune. In year 1989. I have being commercial artist since than and introduced new murals design in that field of art. With more than 800 own designed murals composition I have mastered in it. Along with this I continued with the canvas painting. I use acrylic or watercolour as medium to paint. Many of my paintings are being exported via other sources.


  • * Art beats, Pune
  • * Artifis, Pune

And group shows.

Monalisa Parikh

Spontaneously drawn towards painting since her childhood, Monalisa of Mumbai has instinctively and ingeniously imbibed the nuances of Mandala and Zen paintings from the masters. Her paintings mostly illustrate religious mantras that invoke mental peace, the core of human well-being. They depict the serenity as well as vibrancy of life, in the midst of all the ennui. Nature figures prominently in her works as an agent of purity.

She plays with myriad colors in some, while keeping others sombre, but each work portraying the bright side of life and exuding a palpable charisma to the surrounding. Despite wielding the brush for decades, she's established herself since 2012. "Painting is an inherent part of my being, that lures me into a meditative state of trance and throws me into a state of complete oblivion," says Monalisa.

Namita Kohli

Geometry, both as a mode of apprehending natural phenomena, and abstracting from it, has played an important role in all traditions of art. Geometry has also served a transcendental role in so far as the artist carries the belief that the universe and the human mind alike share the sense of order and that the sense of order and that the artist carries the belief that the artist is changed with the function of eliminating the self and the capricious forms of nature to reveal this identity. Since then there have been several uses of geometry in art but on the whole a diminishing of its purpose metaphysical and social alike. It is not easy to make a distinction between the form making impulse we have been speaking about and mere formalism but it is not impossible to distinguish between the form making impulse .We have been speaking about and mere formalism but it is not impossible to distinguish between an ascetic approach to the problem of form and that of a decorator.

Solo Show

2001 - ‘GRAFFITO’ Art Folio, Chandigarh.

2003 - Art Folio, Chandigarh.

2007 - ‘ANVIL’, Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata.

2010 - ‘CHANDIGARH & ME’ - Museum and Art Gallery,

2012 - Girl in the Café, Chandigarh.

2013 - Bristreo Flamingo, Chandigarh.

2015 - From the Golden Moon, At Kalagram, Chandigarh. (Organized by NZCC & Ministry of Culture)

SAGA Art College, Japan.

Osaka Art College, Japan.

Museum of Prints, Tokyo, Japan.

IIA, Chandigarh.

Osi Solution Pvt. Ltd , Chandigarh.

Palliwal Exporters, India.

Arun Loomba & Associates, Chandigarh /Dubai.

Contact: + 91 9888917722 / [email protected]

Poonam Sharam


Ramesh Sharma

Prof. Ramesh Chandra Sharma did his diploma in fine arts

Year 1967, JNT University, college of fine arts Hyderabad. He has taught media designing for more than 35 years at the same college. Won awards and honour to his credit this includes Lalit kala academy Hyderabad, 1973. Hyderabad art society award 1973 and all India exhibitions in Raipur 1974 gold plaque. Participated in several major exhibitions at A. P. State, National Art Exhibition and actively participated in many workshops like painting, woodcut, terracotta, photography and All India Photography workshops at Jodhpur 2007.

Held many solo and group shows at Delhi, Hyderabad, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Mumbai. Prof. R C Sharma has an abiding interest in Arts. All through his academic career he vigorously practiced Art in different mediums. By nature he is Experimentalist and explored various artistic possibilities in various medium of Art, such as photography, serigraphy, Collage and created art works, which are appreciated by, art critics and art collectors. After his retirement (2004) he is actively doing New Mixed Media paintings on canvas.

Sanjay More

He is self-thought Artist, his Art is God-Gift. It goes without saying that Sanjay knows the magical and vibrant side of art. The colors, the composition, the complexity and the simplicity everything appears to be speaking with the viewer in his Portraits. He as a painter of the realistic Art, Portraits and different Rural subject, social aspects also work on Historical and Spiritual subjects. He is popular for his realistic paintings and Portraits in Maharashtra..

Sanjay is an experienced and well-honoured realistic artist. Sanjay never fails to bring out the essence of versality in his works. He is passionate about his Art.

Suraj Howale

I suraj Howale, had been fond of Drawing since childhood it self and so aimed to be the renowned artist in the art world. Due to circumstances and death of father, couldn’t take proper art education. But my AME kept me going on and makes me developed by own efforts. I love to work on details and so I selected the subject Indian Sadhus. That provided me satisfaction to work on details of their facial features and drapery. One more reason behind selecting this subject is to keep Indian culture alive and be known in the world.

Tushar Nivandikar

Tushar Vijay Nivandikar is an Artist,Tushar Vijay Nivandikar is an Artist, was born in Chiplun, Maharashtra, India and now lives in Pune, Maharashtra. He is self-thought, professional fine artist and works in all kinds of mediums and subjects. Tushar has brought us a different side of abstract art. It goes without saying that Tushar knows the magical and vibrant side of art. The colors, the composition, the complexity and the simplicity everything appears to be speaking with the viewer in his abstracts.

Tushar Nivandikar has graduated Graphic Design studies. Currently he works in the field of design and art. He considers painting as his main passion. Therefore, he opened his own studio in 2010. In the studio he constantly organizes painting workshops for various other artists. Tushar’s artistic point of view shows the surrounding from different perspectives. It depicts different shapes and angles of various backgrounds. In paintings he uses decorative elements what makes his art eye-catching and picturesque. Tushar’s works were exhibited in Pune, New Delhi, Mumbai and other India’s cities. He is also participated in Sanskritik Mandala project for the second time which is held in Vilnius, Lithuania, Europe.

Studio : 3D Color Strokes becomes service provider to the general public, through production and transmission of specialized knowledge. Team is formed when individuals with a common taste, preference, liking, and attitude come and work together for a common goal. Team play a very important role in organizations as well as our personal lives. 3D Color Strokes is a Design Studio. 3D Color Strokes has its focus on the promising future of Graphics & Art Work. This is unique design studio with its all fascinating activities and a commitments towards art is remarkebale. 3D Color strokes is feel, passion and love for art, which brings creative to the art floor.


Vilnius, Kaunas, Lithuania, Delhi, Mumbai, Thane

Pune and Many Private Collection.


2007 – Magic of Hands with Colours, Balgandharv Art Gallery, Pune, Maharashtra, India

2008 – Art Creation, Balgandharv Art Gallery, Pune, Maharashtra, India

2009 – Theme Paintings Art Exhibition, Balgandharv Art Gallery, Pune, Maharashtra, India

2011 – Aakruti... The diffenent Strokes, Balgandharv Art Gallery, Pune, Maharashtra, India

2016 – Sanskritik Mandala I, Uzupis Art Gallery, Uzupis, Vilnius, Lithuania

2016 – Sanskritik Mandala II, Guahati, Assam, India

2017 - Sanskritik Mandala III, Uzupis Art Gallery, Uzupis, Vilnius, Lithuania


2009 – Theme Paintings Art Exhibition,Balgandharv Art Gallery, Pune, Maharashtra, India

2015 - Thane Festival , Thane, Mumbai, Indiia

2016 - Sanskritik Mandala I , Vilnius, Lithuania

2016 - Sanskritik Mandala II , Guahati, Assam, India

2016 - Sanskritik Mandala II , Guahati, Assam, India

Vandana Mehta

Vandana Mehta, the contemporary artist trained under the expert faculty of JJ School of arts, Mumbai, India and 30 years of experience with Architects and commissioned consultation has launched her paintings for Saatchi art.

Being positive herself, she has created a line of bright and vibrant paintings on canvas for the Dubai Index Show. The paintings connect the viewer through his own perception of art. These abstract art revolve around the life experiences and travel of the Artist herself. The original oil and acrylic paintings at a very reasonable rate create a great appeal to the eyes of art lovers and collectors. She recently launched her solo art exhibition in Artists Centre Mumbai, India

'Abstract Stories' which was very well appreciated by Art Lovers and Art Collectors. Most of the paintings at the exhibition were sold out. Her paintings were also exhibited at the Spandan Art Festival in Shimla.


2018 - The Index Art Exhibit Dubai,

2018 - India Art, Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai

2017 – September, At Artists Centre, Mumbai

2017 – October, Shimla Spandan, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Akshay Verma

His inspiration is life...''Actually, I paint from day to day life ,what I see, what I feel, whatever image passes to my mind...I pour it on my canvas.

Akshy Verma is an award-winning artist at the National level.

Akshay Verma is one of the youngest acclaimed emerging contemporary artist in India. His imagery is a fusion of intriguing shapes and exquisite mental conceptions, offering a fresh outlook on life and it's various facts. The vivid ''Monsoon of Colors’' and the breathtaking characters are mixed together in a graphic abstract expressionism.

Akshay started painting at 19,when his father gifted him his first canvas, and from that moment on life became a creative revelation.He has been exhibited in the top art galleries in India and abroad , in over 80 group and solo shows, international exhibitions ,which is outstanding for such a young artist.

Works are in collection with many art collectors and connoisseurs in Punjab, Ghaziabad, Delhi and Mumbai in India. as well in International collectors in Dubai , Switzerland, Romania and Singapore in private collections.

“I can never stop painting…I love it so much”.

Shahed Pasha

He is the recipient of More than 32 awards Winning Artist, such as the Karnataka Lalit kala academy Award, All India Art Exhibitions, International Art Competitions & 2 fellowships State lalit kala academy & Maulana Azad National fellowship.

A gold medalist in Master of Drawing and Painting, he has completed his P.hd Degree in Visual Art from Gulbarga University, Karnataka. His work of art has been showcased at various national and international exhibitions in India and abroad. He has been featured in more than 07 solo shows, 33 group shows and participated in more than 25 national as well as international art camps across the country. He is presently working as an Guest Lecturer at Dept. of Visual Art Gulbarga University Gulbarga, Karnataka India.

By creatively imagining tradition and mythological themes, my painting demonstrates how life extends beyond its own subjective limits. Further my painting represents the continuous challenge between the self and the world, the primordial and the modern, thereby bringing out contemporary values and realization. Historical, social and mythological aspects are centralized in my compositions. Despite being infused by original and radical ideas, the characters in my paintings continue to broadcast traditional values and true messages, attempting to strengthen the spiritual and moral character of the viewer.

Shama Sondhi

“Born and brought up in Kashmir has inspired a deep rooted sensitive influence on my creative instinct right from the beginning.

“Indurate quality of nature in my colours boldly shows the deep rooted connection I had with the surroundings in the valley. The layers formed by the shapes of mountains, the hues and shades of the various trees, purity of the rainbow in flowers, slow and calm flow of the Vitasta (Jehlum River), transparent waters of lakes and mysterious Shaiv electric energies in the atmosphere. Kashmir was famous for its serene beauty; it was called Devasthal – Satisar.The series of ” Poignant Silence” have come out in abstract form,challenged with no ground under the the life embracing capacity of oneness with the whole.Without reservations I have moved on hiding the hurt of exile.Exile is a shattering experience and living a fractured state of mind makes one insecure and vulnerable.One tends to look for deeper hideOuts. Indulgence in vibrant creative world has given me place to rest my Feet.” Art for me is not only mastery over line & form. It is incorporating the soul with ones work. Creativity for me does not take place with pre planning and fixed agendas. The spontaneous incorporation of line, form, colour, intuition, freedom of stroke, openness of experimental instinct, love, respect and reverence for the creative process is pure indulgence in art for me. How colours can somehow convey your moods and inner emotions on the creative field is amazing.”

At times I stand in front of my painting and ask myself who has painted this. I really wonder.I know one thing for sure I came here to paint and celebrate life in calm with cosmos energies

“You come alive when you paint” Rohan aged 5 years has told me.”

Naina Maithani Kulkarni

Naina Maithani Kulkarni’s artistic journey began when she started working for an up-market art space Vadhera Art Gallery in New Delhi. Simultaneously, in a very quiet by-lane of bustling Chittranjan Park, New Delhi, her interest and passion for the fine art of painting was swelling ever so steadily.

Naina’s initial years as a self-taught artist came to the fore, coincidentally after a tête-à-tête with a local Vietnamese artist, Mr. Tran Viet Son, on the banks of the Thu Bon River in Hoi An where Naina’s life journey had taken her. Now, Naina’s works have spread far and wide, and have adorned art collectors’ homes in India, the United States, Britain, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Thailand, etc.

Naina Maithani Kulkarni has very steadily established herself within the Indian Art market with some of her works such as: Plumes, and Darkness and Despair. Both were overbid & auctioned at consecutive auctions organized by Art Chutney & Sublime Galleria for Christel House – London at The Indian Contemporary Art Auctions.

Keeping a relatively low public profile and with very little pro-active publicity, which focused mostly on her art speaking for itself, Naina Maithani Kulkarni has successfully established herself an Indian Contemporary artist. With so many of her art pieces finding collectors’ home around the world, Naina firmly believes that her works are a true reflection of herself. She strives to recreate her unique experiences in somewhat abstract terms, dedicating her works mostly to the flora and fauna, interspersed with a healthy dose of spiritualism and surrealism.

Artist Statement

My canvasses may make you feel like travelling into the void. It isn’t an empty dark, space though, but a fertile and nourishing crucible where stories are birthed, where we discover the true essence of things and get in touch with our emotional core.

Far from being hard to comprehend, highly engaging abstracts create a heightened, unified field where we experience multiple perspectives and layers of thought and feeling, all at once. On my canvasses, assorted elements and aspects of the world coalesce and melt into a vortex of colors, textures, shapes, drips and blurred edges To me these moments feels like inspired glimpses of truth and they are only found when I pause long enough to take them in, seeking at every step a meaning that defines each, intrinsically. I paint the places that have left an indelible mark on me – from Dehradun, where I grew up, to Vietnam,Doha,Langkawi and Bangalore where I have lived. These inspired memories and fleeting impressions of beauty are expressed in intense, uplifting, earthy and mellow gradations and patterns of color, texture, geometry and light.

My paintings take their cues from nature, Like any other being, or more so as an artist, I am allured by the charm and magnanimity of Mother Earth – not just because it is exquisite,but because she stirs my soul and allows me to experience something way beyond myself & something far greater than my own reality.” To express the spontaneous and visceral immediacy of my visions, I abandon all hints of figuration and instead choose to express myself in the fluid and intuitive vocabulary of color. Ever since childhood, I’ve aspired to and possessed an intrinsic ability and potential to revise the color wheel on a canvas using simple techniques, The canvasses feature powerful landscapes of amorphous shapes and spaces, abstract fields of color with no organic form as such, sweeping swathes of blue, vibrant seas of green, and gauzy fields of black, maroon and deep red. Remarkably enough, the effect is not one of flat, one-dimensional planes, but tactile paintings that radiate vibrancy and depth.

Abstract art to me are immersive and dynamic. They open up like meditative portals taking viewers spiraling into assorted moods, feelings and places. ‘Within’ is a doorway that leads you from the limited, the everyday and the finite into intriguing formless realms.

Exhibitions / Art Auctions / Shows
  • 2018:Index Design Fair, Dubai
  • 2018:India Art Festival, Mumbai ,Lexicon Art Gallery
  • 2017:India Art Festival, Lexicon Gallery, New Delhi
  • 2017:Mountain Musings ,Solo Show, Sublime Art Galleria, Bangalore.
  • 2017:Kaleidoscope Art Show, Taj Art Corridor, Bangalore
  • 2016:Empyreal Realms Solo show, KYNKYNY art Gallery ,Bangalore
  • 2016: Whitefield Art Collective, Bangalore
  • 2016:The New Romantics, KYNKYNY Art Gallery, Bangalore
  • 2015: Blank Slate, KYNKYNY Art Gallery
  • 2014 – 2015: Visions Art Gallery, Mumbai, India
  • 2012 – 2015: KYNKYNY Art Gallery- Bangalore, India (Small is beautiful, The Romantics, Kaleidoscope Reminiscence II…)
  • 2014: Four Walls - Art Chutney, India
  • 2014: Heightened Senses – Art Chutney, India
  • 2012-2013: Indian Contemporary Art Auction
  • 2012-2013: Modern & Contemporary Art Auction (Spring Edition)
  • 2011-2012: Solo Show at 57, Tran Phu Art Gallery, Hoi An, Vietnam
  • 2010-2011: Solo Show at SON Art Gallery, Hoi An, Vietnam

Shubhangi Jangde

I have done masters in Fine Arts Painting and blessed with Imagination, Creativity full of happy colours.

I feel very Confident introducing my self as an Artist, cos it's very difficult to introduce an Artist , Although work speaks louder than words. I am so versatile that it is difficult to explain it in short introductory sentence. Adding to my bucket list, I have also learnt Classical Dance, Photography & Vocal Music . Above all to make once soul happy and confidant & healthy life , I dewelled daily yoga practice. Am a certified art and craft teacher working in an esteem institution and also an enthusiastic artist emotional inspirational blogger who is always express her feeling in the form of paintings & sculptures. I love performing on different inspirational empowering knowledge through my painting, while I travel to place & learn new things. Shubhangi specializes indepiction of pure knowledable inspirational & use of happy colours in to abstract form of modern art in theme of "RUBIC CUBE" in various possess on canvas. This brush strokes reveal more than what one could try to express in a thousand words with happy lively colour combination & imagination bring a torch of inspirational creativity.

  • Index Design Series , World Trade Center Dubai , Exibition – 2018
  • India Art Festival, Mumbai – 2018
  • India Art Festival, Delhi – 2017
  • International Art Fair, Delhi – 2014
  • India Art Festival, Mumbai – 2011
  • Art Society , 2011
  • Bombay Art Society, 2011
  • All India Art Contest, Pondicherry - 2010
  • Art Society, 2010
  • Lokmanya Tilak Art Exibition, pune – 2009
  • Art Society, 2009
  • Bombay Art Society, 2009
  • 1All India Art Contest, Pondicherry – 2009
  • 22All India Art Contest, Nagpur – 2008
  • Lokmanya Tilak Art Exihibition - 2008

Feroz Khan

Feroz Khan Delhi Based Artist. I’ve not undergone any formal training in Art but gained experience first from my Father Late Mohd Ibrahim Khan, a Banner Painter. Subsequently, under the able tutelage of renowned Artist Late Manjit Bawa (Guru ji - My Mentor in Art) Bawa took much care to train me to use brush and pastels on a variety of subjects, also guided me to savour the beauty and nuances of Texture. Then, as an initial step my Guru guided me through a maze of depictable visuals scattered over the all too familiar places of Delhi. He asked me to draw inspiration from real life. Deferential to my master’s academic style of figuration, I soon convinced my guru of deft brushmanship and ability to create naturalistic human and animal forms, avoiding explicit linear delineation, while projecting solid masses. I chose to see the ordinary things and scenes that make up for our everyday life. I look at the little details of a tailor working on a manual sewing machine or a street side vendor selling a cool drink on a hot summer day or rickshaw pullers or beggars and various other street vendors – denizens of the city’s poorest quarters. It is the sheer simplicity of each of these activities that appeals me and is reflected through my Canvas.

Sudipta Kundu

Sudipta Kundu, Awards Winning artist national & Internationally.
Winner of GOLDEN EYE AWARD 2013 in the Poster Contest of DRISHTI organized by ANTARDRISHTI, Agra.

Award for Excellence in Shimul International painting Challenge 2009 organized by SHIMUL and Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Kolkata, 2009

Sudipta Kundu was born 1976 and brought up in a small city named Siliguri in West Bengal, INDIA. Siliguri is a place in the foothills of Darjeeling.

After completed his school and college from Siliguri he came to the Capital City of West Bengal, Kolkata (Formerly known as Calcutta) from where he completed his Diploma in “Applied Art” form Academy of Fine Arts. Sudipta Kundu started his career as an Artist in Advertising agencies and later as a Graphic Designer in print media. Later he discovered that his thirst for painting is not fulfilled by these jobs. He is not achieving that path which he dreamt of, and so he decided and started his career as a self-employed professional Artist/Painter.

Sudipta Kundu started working with Oil paintings, but after that, he gradually shifted to Acrylic Paintings along with other mediums like Water Colour and Charcoal. His recent paintings are mostly in Acrylic. The people he sees around influence Sudipta’s painting. His paintings are realistic and mostly figurative or portrait type in nature. Sudipta usually think of a subject or observe and sees a particular individual or event in his surrounding and then draw the central character of that subject or event and then try to use dramatic moments and themes in his canvas. He is very clear with his intentions- He wants the audience to “Read” his paintings. In his words, “Self expression is very important to me. What I think and delivering that exact thinking on the canvas is really challenging. Sometimes it is very difficult and sometimes it comes spontaneously. I do believe that whatever I paint it should be simple and can be widely understood by a large portion of the audience. The painting should be soothing to the eyes.”

Sudipta Kundu’s paintings are sometimes in monochrome, almost in black and white and sometimes in Color. His subjects are figurative and faded with light and texture in his canvas giving the images a surreal aspect. His works becomes more interesting by the adding of the motifs and objects related to the painting.

Sudipta Kundu has been participating in several group and Solo exhibitions in India. His works have been exhibited in the Beijing Olympics, 2008 in China. He was also awarded with DRISHTI Golden Eye award 2013 in POSTER CHALLENGE on the Theme “EYE DONATION” organized and awarded by ANTARDRISHTI, Agra, INDIA. Recently introduced to the European market, the paintings of Sudipta Kundu are admired by new collectors and are tending to reflect a brand new touch in the contemporary Indian art.

In the years to come what the Artist wishes to accomplish - Sudipta Kundu continue to create his thinking, his observation, his imagination, the lives of people in his surrounding like a poem on canvases and improvise more and more in the years to come.

Ahmedhusen Maida

“I believe that art, as a medium, helps everyone enhance the various stages of their lives. And for me, these creative platform has been just that.” ~ Ahmedhusen Mahida.

A student of the C. N. Vidhyalay of Fine Arts at Ahmedabad, I began exploring with the arts from a very early age. Experimenting with various mediums and techniques, His first exhibition held at Ravishankar Raval Art gallery in Ahmedabad in 2014 and has several solo & group shows in various Galleries in India and others.

The Age of Innocence is a part of Ahmedhusen’s collection and is featured here today. It depicts a golden age, when there is nothing but perfection around us. As we grow older, it seems that life around us forces us to alter our once innocent perception of it.

“There is a pure truth that exists around us, specially while we are growing up. It’s a phase when as kids, we are surrounded by a cloud of purity,” Explains Ahmedhusen when asked about these creation. Ahmedhusen Mahida has represented his feelings through his artwork. Using only Canvas, oil and Acrylic color. He has expertise in Black and White color combination in his Art.

Haresh Baraiya

Art shows the journey of my life. I am connected to painting, since many years. The journey of painting began from my village Mahuva. I have learnt a lot under the guidance of my eminent artist Kanubhai.

Initially I used to do realistic paintings and it was my comfort zone and for that, I gave all my potential and tried to explore more in it. I got a chance to know more about paintings, when I got in contact with some eminent artist in Bhavnagar and there I come to know the different medium and I realized that realism is my work zone medium. Then I started showing realism in my artwork and best moments. I will cherish is what spent with my canvas.

My family and me are very pious and religious and thereafter started showing mythology in my artwork. I got inspired by life of Lord Buddha and did painting on it and moreover I tried to explore all the religions and did more painting on them. I created some artistic work on Lord Shiva too. Colors have created a mesmerizing impact on my life and I have portrayed myself on canvas through colors.

Kena Multani

Recreating the simple earthly objects into its abstract form is a forte of this artist. As Kena Multani says “I like the objects coming to life, and that is why I create the 3d effects in my art.” Promising to her words, is her art, where she uses various items like chipped marble and jute. Intriguing as it sounds.

Since her young days, Kena has been inspired by nature and so is her art. She pristinely captures the beauty of the Mother Nature and transforms it with her colors and strokes. Combining various textures with vibrant acrylic colors, her paintings tend to create an eye catching effect on the viewers of her pieces. The artist lives and works in India.

She always dreams her painting and then paints what she dreamt. Her creativity is her experience, she takes risk of doing new art with new things like mentioned before. She always breaks her limit of the last painting done while doing new one. While doing new things and learning from old she never gets bore, always enjoys and put her whole heart in that.

Few of them are done directly with tool and color or some are done with texture first and then colour applied on it.. She is dedicated to her work and profession.

Rajrani Sisodia

Rajrani Sisodia very unique needle painting artist from jaipur. The needle paintings are a work of act created by use of only cotton threads. Threads of different colors & shades are stitched on a cotton cloth to create most amazing picture. This Unique difficult & the finest hand made embroidery art has been christened Needle painting, thread painting, hand embroidery painting where in the lively figures created without the use of colors, brush or canvas, look direct in to your eyes and mesmerize you.

Innovative stich techniques allow the artist to manipulate individual stiches in length, directions, colors & thread weight. These paintings are created by varying the direction of thread akin to brush strokes to reflect light in different ways, achieving three-dimensional effect otherwise absent in photography and oil painting. These works of art are the result of limitless creativity.

She exhibited her paintings in the national level seminar at Udaipur. Impressed by her work, Maharana Arvind Singh ji of Mewar, the chairman of Maharana Mewar Foundation Udaipur, invited her establish a sologallery at Shiv Niwas Palace Hotel, Udaipur to give this art from global dimension. Her Collection with gallery in India as well as in Germany, England, France, Canada, Abu Dhabi, Scotland, USA etc.

Rekha Gandhi

Art enriches my life & the creation process is an extension of my experiences and emotions.

Rekha Gandhi ‘s Journey began in early age. She had God’s gift to visualize various forms of art. She self taught Artist. During her journey she have experimented with a lot of forms like God, Human & Nature, Landscapes and lot more.

In the core of modernist art there lays a perennial need of the artist for creating something unique in terms of formal style and experience. Referential points must be there to lead the artist to reach personalized styles and internalized experiences, however there is something, which is inexplicable through words functions as the undercurrent of such arrivals as well as departures. A search for the unique and the unparalleled, certain creative expressions that open up an absolutely new world for the viewers, goads the artists who adopt modernist painterly techniques and work it out towards realizing the experiential singularities. It is a sort of externalizing the internal world that does not follow the existing linguistic systems but as there exists no other medium for vivification it tends to adopt an established mode of language, often investing it with new meanings, taking it to a different experiential realm and enabling it to carry forward the effects intended by the artists.

Roopa Sharma

Rupa Sharma is a born artist. Her pencil strokes emanate personality and deep feelings. She is at ease with each art medium. May it be charcoal, pencil, crayons on paper as well as acrylic on canvas and oil on canvas. She catches the emotions expressed by her each object in their eyes so well that each object, may it be bird, animal and humans, you are sure to connect each time you see her creation. Her mastery on finery of delicate brush movement and pressure on pencil tip emerge a masterpiece. She paints for her own serene pleasure and enjoys every art piece she creates. She wants her work to bestow internal peace and harmony to each viewer each time. An avid animal lover, she has painted cutest of the puppies to wildest of jungle cats. The flowers she painted are a pleasure to watch. Born and brought up in Mumbai but travel extensively, She also has formal education in art.

Pallavi Hotkar

Pallavi Hotkar was born in 1989 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She is a self-thought Beadiest Artist. Practicing from last 7 years, her work shows patience and consistency. From her child hood, she had been working as a jewelry artist and she ended up marrying an artist as well. Hence she combined her fondness for jewelry along with art and demonstrated some unique pieces of work with beads art.

Normally any talented artist uses basic materials like oil, acrylic, charcoal, pastel, and watercolors on canvas or paper. Now she does something different and unique in art industry. She brings out unique designs and multifarious color combinations of beads in figurative, landscape as well as abstract on fiberboard. It takes a lot of effort and time to place so many beads together and that too in different color combinations. The colors balance is very important in such kind of work and her pieces of work demonstrate the same. Since so many beads are required it needs a lot of patience to gather the same kind and size of beads. Also the feelings and emotions that are in her mind are also shown in her work.

She uses color full beads with adhesive glue on plastic board, and her special subject is seascape-resting boats on beach. One of her work took around 4 month’s to complete and nearly 5 lack beads have been used.

The artist has exhibited her art in various places in India as well on internationally.

She believes that her artwork is one of its kinds, very dynamic and technically very advanced. She feels the works need a combination of the mind, superior technique and a lot of time and she is dedicated to put in all of this in her art till the time she continues with her art work.

Reena Yadav Ramakrishnan

Reena Yadav Ramakrishnan is a Mumbai based Artist and an Art Therapist who works with the mediums of Oils and Watercolors. She always had a prism of colours in her personality. Deeply connected to the warmth of home and family, she is also the fierce explorer, who gets a certain adrenaline when she crosses her known boundaries. She has previously exhibited her works at India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, Epicentre in Gurgaon and at The Art Loft & Tridha School in Mumbai.

Reena’s latest solo exhibition was held at The Art Hub in Worli, Mumbai in Mar 2017. ( In this exhibition, she successfully showcased a set of paintings on the theme of “Birthing Another Self” that was biographical and represented an inner journey of self-transformation. Always fond of colors, she studied their chemistry and their intimate relationship with our emotions, thoughts, psyche, and imaginary world, over a period of five years. Her search pushed her to reveal the colorful inner images of her character, find out why they manifested as such and take new directions. On this inner path she became a researcher, an observer, a humanist and a fine Art-Therapist.

Yogita Butala

Date of Birth – 7th May 1985 Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India.
I have graduated from well-known Mumbai University [India] in year 2006. I had taken up English & History as my major subjects for graduation in Arts. After graduation, I had decided to pursue my dream-aim, that's drawing [digitally & manually]. In year 2008, I scored 'B' grade in the 'Intermediate Exam Of Drawing' conducted annually by 'Kalasanchalanalaya' India.

Pari Sagar

Pari Sagar, Indian-origin Dubai-based artists.
Pari Sagar is a well-known surreal artist born in Mumbai, India. She did her schooling from the Young Ladies High School in Mumbai, India. During her childhood, her father and paternal grandfather were a constant source of motivation and encouraged her to pursue an interest in art and maths. After high school, she enrolled in the KPB Hinduja College in Mumbai to earn a bachelor’s degree in commerce. However, she could not complete the three-year course as she got married after completing her second year and moved to Dubai, UAE.

Sagar worked in the advertising field for a few years but her life experience led her to express herself through art. Her journey of self-healing began in the year 2000. She believes that true art is characterized by an irresistible urge towards creative freedom and self-expression. She attempts to create a mirror of one’s inner self, to touch the side of one’s personality that is rarely shown in public. Each one of her paintings has a story to tell that is easy to comprehend. Her art reflects vibrant emotions such as love, romance, peace and tranquility with a touch of spirituality. Sagar enjoys working with different mediums such as oil, acrylic and mixed media and likes experimenting with colors, figures and patterns. Her style unintentionally veers towards figurative surrealism. She has participated in various exhibitions and showcased her art on various platforms, and sold many art pieces in Dubai, Mumbai, Ireland, Portugal, and the United States.

Her interest and passion influenced her to study numerology and healing. Owing to her intuitive nature, she became a visionary. Numerology has helped her in reflecting certain aptitudes and character tendencies in her life, as an integral part of the cosmic plan. It has helped her and her clients in improving the vibration of numbers used in one’s name, auspicious dates, addresses, business names, inauguration dates and more.

The positive results obtained by using numerology have proven to be a valuable tool to bring about certain changes in one’s life. On the basis of her experience, she has guided her students and clients in Dubai, India, Sri Lanka, Saudi, Africa, UK, Poland, and the US who came from different walks of life. She has helped many of them recognize their hidden gifts.

Anand Kamdar

Anand Kamdar was born in Mumbai, India in 1988. Having grown up in the city, which is called to be ‘the city of talents’, his love for ‘Art’ grew enormously. Throughout his life, Anand has always been fascinated by the world and the various associations/relations in the context of Art. Naturally, he was drawn towards Art. The interest was cultivated during his teenage years when he joined Vikrant Karia Institute of Art, Mumbai, India where he pursued his training in Applied Art and further developed when he opted to take his Bachelors Degree in Applied Art from Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai, India.

After completing his Bachelors and Masters Degree as well, Anand delved even more into his Art practise, which involved study of Graphic Design and Typography, Lettering & Calligraphy as the subjects of his specialization together with other subjects of Fine Art. The works of Anand talk about his diversity & his ‘all rounder’ ability/talent on various fields viz: Graphic Design, Typography/Type Design, Lettering, Calligraphy, Pencil sketching, Charcoal painting, Oil painting etc. He uses the simple practise of burying his natural complete self into his work in order to voice the natural self out to the world. It is as simple as collaboration between the natural artist and the natural world. Anand cherishes this connection with natural world. He feels that the artistic exchange between the world and the artist opens up many opportunities.

Working as a Fine Artist too, Anand has also given his paintings on display at art galleries that have been ‘Abstract’ in nature. His works are purely based on ‘Abstract Expressionism’ handled with sponge and ink on paper & acrylic on canvas. He has been a successful exhibitor of Mumbai Art Fair 2018 held at Nehru Centre, Worli, and Mumbai. He has been associated with organizations related to Type Design and Calligraphy like Aksharaya located in Mumbai, India. He has also done a paper presentation on Type Design/Typography at the International Typography Day 2011 held at Ahmedabad, India.

Kiran Hotkar

Kiran S Hotkar is an Artist born in 1982 in Akkalkot, District Sholapur, Maharashtra, India.

Art, in its miniature form has been practiced in India for thousands of years. However, the world today, has very few artists pursuing this form of art. While most of the mainstream painters are creating art on larger canvases, Kiran has taken on the unique responsibility of practicing this long forgotten tradition of miniature art, thereby preserving the various techniques for future generations to come. Kiran usually uses small objects like a pebble and tiny objects to create his art. His canvases start at around 5 mm. and are up to 6.5 cm. at the maximum. One of his personal favorites is the painting of Shivaji Maharaj Rajyabhishek (the Coronation Ceremony of Shivaji Maharaj), which has been painted on a tiny pebble of 3.3 cm with around 21 human figures in it. A magnifying glass has to be used to see the exact details in this painting Brief

Overview of Miniature Art Technique

On an average, it takes a minimum of 5 days to complete a miniature painting. Since there are tiny details that need a lot of attention, the artist often times has to hold his breath while painting the minute details. A special brush for this purpose has to be used, which comprises of just 2 to 3 hairs. Kiran uses his thumbnail as a palette to mixing up the colours. Kiran constantly likes to experiment and challenge the boundaries of his art.

Leena Kulkarni

Leena Kulkarni is a Commercial Arts graduate and has been working in the industry for over a decade. Art comes naturally to her. Being an avid reader, she loves to transfer those thoughts onto the canvas in beautiful art forms, taking you into a journey of thought and reflection. Hence her forte is ‘Narrative Art’. Narrative art is visual art that tells a story. It manifests itself in every kind of medium, in every culture, in every form that you can imagine. Narrative art is art that tells—or narrates—a story through imagery. ... Images ignite imagination, evoke emotions and capture universal cultural truths and aspirations.

She believes Art has served and continues to serve as a form of communication and expression, allowing artists to tell stories and start conversations through canvas, or a blank space. She also often compares Art to Music, in the sense that some music is happy and some music puts out a message that makes you think. Art has changed her life in many ways, so she has now dived deeper into this passion, and continues to work as a full-time artist.

Oil and Acrylic being her favorite mediums, she loves experimentation. Typography and Calligraphy are an integral part of her creations. Her love for detailing along with creating and working with different textures, are the highlight of her paintings.

She has hosted and participated in various solo and group shows. Her paintings have been Appreciated and sold to art lovers in Dubai, USA, Canada, Singapore, Germany and UK.

Leena Kulkarni lives and works in Mumbai, India.

Dr. Nafisa Sayed Motiwala

Date of Birth-20th April 1981, Born in Jaipur

"My subject matter is nature, whether it is a tradition, landscape or a bird and flower painting. I use colorful palette materials, acrylics, pastels, watercolor and brush, to capture movement and life — making the brush dance and the colors sing. Everything is captured in the spontaneous dance and movement of the brush as it foretells a story. The story of the artist and the world around her.”

Nafisa belongs to the multi-cultural country of India and has been based in Dubai for a span of over 6 years. She graduated in history and continued to pursue a doctorate degree in History of Art from National Museum Institute, Delhi. She’s a trained Art Historian and an artist at heart. At a tender age, she was introduced to the fantastic world colors by her mothers, who herself happens to be a designer. Under her maternal guidance, Nafisa nurtured the love towards art and was an active participant in art activities at school and college level. With a keen interest in art, she also sketches, paints, design cards as well as write (blogging/eBook) on art. Nafisa shows a keen inclination towards representing nature and portraits.

Her palette of vibrant colors is influenced by the contemporary trends in the Indian subcontinent. In addition to this, she likes to experiment with different mediums such as acrylics, water colors and charcoals. She has worked as an intern in the Archaeological Section of the National museum, Delhi in India and made seminar presentations on several art history topics such as Decoration in Architecture. She has also authored a book on Mughal Jewellery: A Sneak Peek of Jewellery under the Mughals.

She has been a part of several local exhibitions in the UAE as well as India and Lebanon.

Sanjay Chakraborty

Sanjay Chakraborty is Base of west Bengal. He wields a spatula with a flourish to paint some inspired and spectacular images of the holy Benares city. He has carved a niche for himself with his unique interpretation of the spiritual colors and energy that make the Assi ghat and the activities around it so memorable. The Ganga Arati and its visions is another subject that he handles with aplomb.

A five year diploma in painting from Nikhil Bharat Sangeet Samiti and Bangia Sangeet Kala Kendra honed his artistic skills and has catapulted him to be one of the sought after artists in the art field.

A gentle nature and disposition are a mark of the man. His impressionist style of painting is sure to leave a favourable impression on you. He has full command acrylic and oil color painting, very good at line work which has become my signature style.

Got an opportunity to display at made in India show, Berlin, Germany, Africa, Lahore & UAE, Dubai.

Sarang Hundiwala

Sarang Hundiwala lives and works in Aurangabad (Maharashtra, India). He is Special in Zen art, decorative art, miniature art, and realistic pencil drawings. Despite of my educational and professional background in diverse fields (chartered company secretary and chartered accountancy), I was constantly inspired by the medium of art. Whenever I move around and observe the beauty of nature, I am inspired by it's vibrant colors and sense of inner happiness it spreads. Whenever I study the mythos and meditate, I realize the message could be made relevant in art form. For an artist I feel that, his art is the best medium of interaction and communication of his feelings & ideas with the people (viewers), where words fall short. I feel lucky to be bestowed with this talent by the almighty. I believe art helped me to change my thinking process from "what to think" to "how to think" and explore the very purpose of my existence on this earth. it gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction.

Participated in:-

  • 7th International Art Festival held at Bhutan in March, 2016.
  • 8th International Art Festival held at Srilanka in June, 2016.
  • 4th State level Art Festival held at Aurangabad in Feb, 2017.
  • State level Art Exhibition organised by Dainik Bhaskar group on the subject "NariPratibimb“ held at Nashik in April, 2017
  • 9th International Art Festival held at Delhi in Feb, 2018.
  • Fresco training camp(for one month) at Banasthali University, Rajasthan in April, 2018.
  • Mumbai Art Fair at Nehru Centre,Mumbai in October,2018.

Shivaji Kothule

Born: -11 June 1982 Ahmadnagar

“No matter what happens, in your life .be always positive Never Stop and keep moving in right direction.” Shivaji kothule is Puna Base artist. He spend his enter Rachnakala Mahavidyala - Ahmadnagar Maharashtra, India. He did his Diploma in fine Art painting Ahamadnagar. He started with drawing nature, tree, Animals. etc. He studied Art [Drawing & painting] Rachnakala Mahavidyala Ahamadnagar under the guidance of eminent artist and teacher Shri Arjun Shekatkar for seven years. He has worked in Army public school-Dighi Pune, as an art teacher. He has painted landscapes, portraits figurative drawings in acrylic and watercolor and has several solo and group shows to has credit many rate shivaji to be one of the finest realistic painters in India.

His journey as an Artist started from a small town in khadki, Ahamadnagar when he was brought to shri Arjun Shakatkar’s art classes. Shivaji having an in born talent and being quick leaned needed only subtle suggestion from his teacher. His grasp of line form and color tones was something exceptional. He learnt drawing from nature from memory and from live painting using the medium of water color acrylic colors pencils as well as charcoal with equal ease he painting’s are encapsulated with great skill. His confidence is such that he does not use lines to define form. He paints in masses and forms emerge very interestingly. Landscape drawings are his fort a love which he said “He has inherited from his teacher Arjun Shakatkar be it water color or acrylic color. shivaji’s disciplined and confident handling of his subject’s leave’s a definite stamp which says this is shivaji.

Shivaji Kothule infuses his art with great honesty’s creating timeless art that is a joy to be hold.


  • Sharon Harmon Muir - USA
  • 8Tatiyana Bhistiva - Russia
  • Domnik Corda—Pune *Chanrakant Kothule –Ahamadnagar
  • Joy Bot --USA
  • Army public school Dighi-Pune.

Abdul Rauf Khalfan

Abdul Rauf Khalfan, Dubai base, 35-year-old Emirati is not only different in my approach by choosing to complete a portrait of British monarch Queen Elizabeth II in time for her birthday on April 21, but he's also unique with my materials. This three-meter by two-meter creation is not a painting, but rather a yellow garden hose the hose's black interior and ultimately the image of the queen. Now I am looking forward to make arts using different colors of the hose pipes in the future.

To create this freehand but just through walking back and forth until being fully satisfied with his masterpiece. As it a big art now I am finishing a collection of famous people in small size art works; it takes seven days to complete it. Now I plan to apply the same technique to make small size portraits of HH sheikh Zayed, Gandhi, Nelson-Mandela, Charlie Chaplin, Michael Jackson, and other iconic world figures, as well as the UAE leaders which didn't take me a week and — first though I have to go back to the hardware store to get more hose pipes.

Which brings us to the other obvious question. Why hose pipes? "It just came to me from my God and the blessing with ideas, "When I sit and look at things 1 don't see them for their purpose, but what they could be.

“It’s also important that no one has ever done this before. I respect and admire other artists but I'm not inspired by them; that's not my style. I don't think it's the right thing to do. If you get inspired by people too much you may just end up copying them. I think as an artist it's important to just be unique and creative."

Khalfan’s end goal is to get his creations showcased in a gallery.

“Nothing is impossible” is his mantra. “If I want to fly out of this window,” he says, “I can do it. You have to fly – or you will die.”

Amira Ashrafadini

“Art is my passion, Art is my life,I can’t imagine my life without Art. “Something I love to do.”

I started Art (Drawing, painting & dancing) since I was 6 yrs. I always create mental imagination. I am an IWS member “Who am I?Artist ‘ Painter ‘ Dancer ‘ Choreographer ‘ Translator. I am painting coach … i teach painting & drawing for ten yearsandI teach dance for twenty yearsunfortunately i don’t have freedom in Iran for dancing & painting in my own style & showing my talents..

I can speak Hindi ‘ Urdu ‘ Arabic ‘ English & Persian, there is something so special about me, I was able to talk Hindi when I was three years without learning without any studies or background I don’t know why?But every “ Artist “ is special & Artwhether it's a painting, music or dances can have a huge impact on our mood and emotions.Art is something we do, a verb. Art is an expression of our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires, but it is even more personal than that: it's about sharing the way we experience the world or our soul, which for many is an extension of personality

Anjali Prabhakar

She has been working in field of Art ardently past 10yrs. Along with pursuing her passion, she also runs her own Art Institute “Anjali Innovatives” inspiring numerous people to pursue their dreams.

Anjali has specialized in the area of Abstract and Contemporary painting. She has her own peculiar way to portray Spirituality through Abstract and Contemporary paintings, which give a tranquilizing, effect. She loves to portray incarnation of women embodied in various forms. Working in oils on canvas, she uses the rich and deep tones that oil provide to give her paintings a strong physical appearance. The Acrylic medium portrays her peaceful yet aggressive thoughts, which leaves a perennial effect.

This painting showcases a warrior who is ready for a long journey. The painting portrays her strength to face the hindrances that lies ahead of her journey leaving no stone unturned and not ready to capitulate. Anjali has exhibited her artwork nationally as well as on the international platform.

Barry Yeow

My journey in art began at the school of “ Hard Knocks “ as a tattoo artist.

It further developed as I was exposed to the differentart forms, from sculpture to batik to canvas.

Mywork is a celebration of change and transformation.From a time where the tool of choice was a syringeto the present day paintbrush.Through this outlet of expression called art, the life I live nowis far removed from the past where struggleswith self andsubstance abusewere the norm.

Today I live my dreamas a full-time artist with my own studio and gallery.

Brijesh Upadhyay

Trained as a civil engineer, Brijesh Upadhyay’s engagement with contemporary fine arts began with an arduous trial and error method, undertaken in what he describes as a “lonely studio”. An honest Upadhyay does not shy away from these early, sometimes-inconsistent self-taught experiments; instead, these large-scale canvasses adorn the walls of his studio and home in Baroda. The warm and vibrant space invites the critic, curator and collector to view the different stages in the evolution of this artist, and assess his oeuvre critically. This space also becomes a reflection of the very nature of Indian contemporary art, which has redefined and embraced the role of the “experimental self-taught artist” whose career and works defy clear-cut categorization in terms of specific genres and schools. Upadhyay’s bold display of his changing artistic trajectories and failed experiments, alongside his most successful works in the studio, hint at the presence of an underlying postmodernist ideology and method. He shares the “crossovers” he has made from canvas to paper, classical subjects to more contemporary issues and the shift from large-scale compositions to dense, small-format works. The changeover of the medium and the media results into bold hard strokes reflecting the strength, power & energy or sometimes-smooth lyrical strokes reflects the rhythm & flow. The critic comes away with impressions of “adventure” and “fluidity” as hallmarks of this meaningfully evolving career; simultaneously, the critic is posed with a challenge, as the many suites of works painted by the artist cannot be anchored in particular genres nor classified stylistically. Balancing of unhinged stokes through a dropper makes him exclusive & exceptional. Paradoxically, these characteristics position Upadhyay as an interesting, emerging contemporary art practitioner. His biography becomes an empirical framework upon which one can anchor his artistic output.

Chaitali Patel

Chaitali Patel is Gujarat, Palanpur base Artist.

“Art is a confluence of thoughts, emotions, celebrations and desire to want more. To me art is a harmonious blend of all that contributes to the development and well-being of self and others and at the same time influences people’s imagination.” - Chaitali Patel

An art teacher by profession, CHAITALI PATEL has displayed her creativity in various forms such as Tanjore art, Fresco, Marble relief, Acrylic and various mediums and techniques. She believes that art is a learning process just like education and it opens innumerable mediums of expression. She has taken part in various exhibitions and has had the opportunity to display her work in Ravi Shankar Art gallery, Jehangir Art Gallery etc.

Her art has received recognition and bestowed her with awards and accolades, to mention a few “young envoys international joy of india-1999, Lalit kala academy – 1999, National child art panorama – 1996 and many national and international.

Hina Bhatt

Nature has its own way of attracting artists and revealing its truth. Creation of art has given them a podium for a critical scrutiny and to express these connections.

Hina Bhatt is Pune Based artist and a Graduate of Fine Arts from Stella Maris College, Chennai. She has also earned a diploma in textile design. At core, her passion has always been the creation of paintings.

She is an active artist and exhibits her works in various galleries in India. She works in various painting mediums, especially acrylics, oils, pastels and pen. Religious concepts and philosophies influence her works. As per her, nature has always been a great source of inspiration revealing lot of truths of Life in its beauty and rage. Going ahead she would like to portray this in her paintings. She tries to explore the spiritual intimacy we share with the universe and portrays this through her work.

Joshua Lawrence

“Art opens our heartsand minds.It teaches us aboutwho we really are, and what we actually can do.” ~ Joshua Lawrence

Joshua believes in using art to help peopleunderstand more about themselves and the world they live in. Art is able to transform ideas intoimages. These images evoke thoughts, emotions and imaginationswhich mysteriously captivates the human’s hearts and souls.

Using texture medium, Joshua enjoys paintingusing the layering technique which allows him to create paintings with strong colors and auras. He is also gifted in expressing biblical truths through art that will inspire his viewers to discover the true meaning and destiny of their lives.


  • Colors of the Bible Art Exhibitionat Capitol Piazza, Singapore jointly organized by The Bible Society of Singapore and The Embassy of Israel in Singapore, 1st to 17th September 2018
  • Xin Qiao Art Festival at Bartley Christian Church, Singapore, 17November 2018
  • The Inner Being: Dot, Line, Page Art Exhibition at The Art Space, Kallang Leisure Park, Singapore, 14th to 24th March 2019

Mrinal Dutt

Being an artist we have apower to see the world differently.

Mrinal Dutt, self-taughtartist,Ahmadabad, India. started my journey with learning simple sketches. By sitting over somewhere;I tried to make sketches and put my imagination into it.I perfected my art and mastered in art field. I like to arrange thoughts on canvas.

I am is basically an electrical engineer who turned into a professional artist, As being an engineer I give equal Justice to both fields. Attributably I am being well-known Artist who is specialized in all media. Most important notification is that I am a Self-taught artist. My inspiration is Sir MF Husain.

I completed my schooling from Asia English School and achieved graduation degree from Kalol Institute of Technology in electrical engineering. I love to draw since from my childhood days. I followed my passion be an artist a God gifted talent. In my early life stages I was experimenting and practicing on different mediums on paper. Sketching is everything to me.In terms of colors I like black color most. I am inspired from day to day life anddraw many paintings of architecture, abstract.I portraymy imagination through various mediums.

Narendra Patel

Narendra Patel hails from Gujarat, Stay in Mumbai and his paintings predominately dwell on life. The essence of any art lies in the artist’s vision and ambition. It allows them to shed all inhibition, delve into their self and with a stroke of their able hands make a mark so vivid that the world holds them in awe.

Indian culture, its vibrant colors and the idea of secularism inspire the artist and the same is reflected in his artworks. The metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata stimulate his creative thought process and a lot his paintings depict this. Contrasting the modern with the past, inspiration is picked up from the everyday life around us – the infrastructure, the people and the busy chaotic lives of the cities. His works depict his thoughts on life and its past.He also paints frames within his paintings to show two lives, the past that is delineated through people/objects inside the frame and the present outside it. These frames lend an inventive feel to his sepia tinted works.

Using Oil, acrylic paint Water Color,& Ink color like black, brown and white with hints of Blue, Orange and Red, He paints to reveal unique shades on his canvas. Brown and black is used together to give an antique look whereas white enhances the painting by giving it an open space. Blue and red adds life to the painting by making the sepia / monochrome-toned works more vibrant. Acrylic paint is used to create a watercolor effect on his canvases.

Niru Sibal

Niru Sibal, Dubai base artist.

Just as the cactus plant has the ability to survive in the harshest of environment and produce the most beautiful of flowers so also my painting reflects life challenges that I have overcome and evolved to be the person I am. My work compares the beauty of life with my trials and reflects on my emotional and spiritual development through these experiences. Experiences that I have embraced as learning towards my growth as a person. Discovering insights about myself, and increasing my sense of well-being allows me to focus on my inner-experience.

My work is a visual diary of my life. It is a journey of self-discovery and self-healing. Thus, the theme ‘Looking within’ was conceived. My paintings are full of symbols; each symbol has a specific connotation to my life’s journey, the cacti symbolizing my ability to survive in the harshest of environment. It is prickly and tough on the outside but soft and moist in the inside, it also produces the most beautiful of flowers. A life giver for the inhabitants of the desert. The cacti also represent the dominance of male personality that has been overwhelming through my life. Most of my work have images of kingfisher (birds) they symbolize naivety of childhood and hope. The flowers are a representation of the beauty of life and wonderful experiences I have had through this journey. The ‘hukka’ used in my paintings symbolizes living. Breath comes and goes and we don’t even realize when it is time to go, most of us are still figuring our life.

My process involves taking reference photographs, sketches ideas, researching artists that inspire me, I develop concrete ideas working with Photoshop, layering images and experimenting with compositions. Each painting is developed with a critical analysis of composition, color, texture and value. The focal point, which usually is myself, is emphasized by edge control, value contrast and scale. The color pallet is generally limited which helps me in creating the mood and keeps aesthetic balance within my work. My intent is for the viewer to connect with my work at a personal level.

Niyati Jiwani

NiyatiJiwani – a Georgia based artist depicts a fusion of beauty and nature in her artwork. She started playing with colors when she was in school. Her versatility of putting colors on canvas is so ingenious that it makes her an old hand in arts. To gain more knowledge and hands on different mediums, she did a Mastery Program from Milan Art Institute. It was an important decision to make which changed her as a person and her art went to another level.

Her snazzy style of painting makes each of her artwork a style statement. Her personality reflects in her artwork when she describes herself by saying “I ensure my compositions leaves a long lasting effect on people and make them feel pure, positive and peaceful.” As an artist, her work is very professional and enchanting. Her artwork at any place enhances the beauty around. It acts like a façade of a beautiful structure.

Her studio is a place, where she transforms all her imaginary ideas onto canvas. She is constantly working on different series of works inspired by nature, music and personal experiences. Her paintings are open-ended and at the edge of surrealism. Different viewers have their own views according to the understanding of the subject matter. She hopes that her works will leave the viewer with a sense of warmth and peace.

Artist Statement
As an artist, it elevates me to connect with people and spread happiness through my artwork. My compositions comprise of vibrant and subtle colors, which creates an everlasting impact on the viewers making them feel positive, pure and blissful. I begin my process with an open mind following the leads of colors. Led by the brush, I use inks and modelling paste. The texture on the canvass enhances the artwork ensuring its imprint on viewer’s mind. Mark makings and spray paint at times adds value to the painting. Then I use acrylics to render the form incorporating with my favorite rich and juicy oils. Painting with oils gives me immense pleasure. As an artist, I focus on creating depth with layers of different mediums. My art style speaks abstract realism. Open-ended and surreal with showing some drama in it. Each painting is a journey for me and I want to fly on it freely and with positivity.

Parth Kanhai

Parth always believed in a saying 'Carpe diem' and tries to make them believe by his art.

Parth Kanhai ( Born in Vrindavan, 1991) who has grown up with his mischievous memories, with the fascination for colors , with tradionalism and love towards almighty left him today with just a gift. He has showed penchant for art from a very young age. He became an apprentice to his Grandfather Kanhai Chitrakar as well as he inherited strokes from his father Govind Kanhai and yet he diversified his work with a glance of modish art. Continuing a legacy which was started 62 years back with this beautiful journey, with the delighted privilege and passion makes him more deferential. His inspiration resides in his own family which inspired him to be prowess to create an artistic fancy. In today's world where art of bygone eras are vanishing he uses his spell of imagination to relive them by his vision. His unparalleled power of observation shows the thirst for learning an art. His passion runs towards discoveries to establish him in the history of art.

Kanhai Arts announced its virtuosity by exhibiting it, auctioning it and showcasing the masterpiece on the walls of corporate leaders like Ambani, Birla, actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Political leaders like LK Advani, Indira Gandhi, Amar Singh. The artists has created a wealth by different styles of art by counting among the most admired and respected piece of art by connoisseurs and collectors. This brand was made by luxuriousness and desire. His one of the best saying to introduce his imagination is by ' My work defines me so as I define my work'

Pooja Bansal

The creator of these exquisite pieces is Mumbai based artist Pooja Jain Bansal who originally hails from the historic city of Delhi. She is a determined, self-trained artist, who excels in an unconventional style of painting and an inclination towards exploring mixed media art, which sets her work apart. Her innovative fusion art works and wooden restoration pieces created using a range of art forms and mediums, helps her narrate intriguing stories of varied cultures, people and places in alluring ways.

The amalgamation of old and antique aspects of a wood with modern innovative outlook and effective restoration using Mixed media art form and varied artistic mediums, compels viewers to travel back in time.

My signature work is fusion art on doors and windows. The choice of doors and windows is inspired by their very symbolic nature of opening up to newer avenues. They have a spiritual meaning of opening one’s mind and soul to connect with the world on the other side. These vintage style doors and windows can be used as wall paintings, or be used to style utility products like actual doors and windows, cabinet doors, room dividers, etc.

I use a mixed palette of styles and mediums, keeping the balance subtle and flawless. And although I have worked with a wide variety of elements and materials, I have a special affinity towards earth-based mediums like wood, paper, and metal. The ordinary elements of nature being the canvas, the beauty and feel of every art piece turn out distinct.

Antique’s is an art venture aimed at creating a unique and exquisite piece of art on wood for you. My concept of Modern Restoration is recreation of old ideas and manifesting them into Modern style Fusion piece.

Priyanka Das

“Art is my passion and each piece of my art carries a part of my soul and heart and also a moment of my life! “

Dubai based artist Priyanka Das, Often a single image can speak many languages and has the power to express so much; a feeling, an emotion or perhaps an entire story, something words cannot often portray.

I, Priyanka am a contemporary fine artist who lives and works in Dubai, UAE.

My early artistic inclination and aspiration have become fully realized as a career, which has brought me recognition as an accomplished artist.

Nurturing an avid and explorative mind, my hands always dance to the constant compelling rhythm of creativity that my mind produces.

Art is the personality of one’s inner self, without that understanding, one cannot create.

All my creations are special to me and designed to outlast several lifetimes and provide beautiful, bright, vivid colors, delivering the essence of an original piece with clarity.

I stay immersed in the art world and value the exploration of new materials, ideas and forms of expression. My work in the visual arts includes painting, sculpture and mixed media.

Raja Najam Ul Hassan

Raja Najam ul Hassan, Largely self-taught, French born Pakistani artist& found himself inspired and attracted to drawing and painting since his early childhood. My goal as an artist is to create fine art that brings inspiration & joy to the people around the world. I strongly believe that art has no boundaries but just to define the body of my work it falls somewhere in realism and impressionism. I would love to explore & paint as much as I can in a style which is distinctively my own.

Participating and wining the inter school drawing competitions during his school & college life encouraged him more and compelled his family to allow him to practice art in future more seriously. Finally he turned his passion in to his profession by started painting as a whole time artist since 2003 onward.

Living in the various parts of the world Hassan is well conversant about his art & his body of work. Working as a full time professional, Hassan has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally in groups and solo shows including Tehran, Singapore, Dubai, Toronto, Doha, New Jersey and New York.

Rohini Manindra

“Art is the way to see the world differently, yet with authentic view”

She is a master in semi-realistic techniques of texturing with realistic play of light and shade. A graduate from Patna University and holds degrees, ‘Bachelor of Fine Arts’ and ‘Master of Fine Arts’ from Chandigarh University.

Recently she has completed World Book of Record, United Kingdom with W-LOC for two categories- painting and Sculpture. Several notable publications have recognised and featured her talent. Her paintings adorn many homes and offices across India and abroad.

Her interest in art began at an early age and soon it became a primary object in life. She mostly does acrylic painting as she progressed through the years. She was exposed to different mediums and techniques like mural, relief work and sculpture.

Her flair of portraying human emotions with all its intricacies is extraordinary and praise worthy. Her paintings let the viewers reexamine the threshold between illusion and reality. Her art is a medium to express dualities of life. They express wishes and dreams for a better world.

Sastry Sanyasayya

Sastry Sanyasayya an avid traveler draws his inspiration from nature and his core being. His experiences of life, as such are deep and intense. He represents the free spirit who is restrained by his circumstances. He transcends the mundane through his creativity and finds immense joy while executing his paintings. Fond memories of journeys made inside and outside both merge and manifest harmony on the canvas.

It is surprising to see artists who have not been to any art school, yet create wonders on canvas. That’s how art works of Sastry Sanyasayya look remarkable. The paintings of his dipect various moods and his works appear unique every time the artist picks a different brush strokes. The colors are all of Nature in shades of aquamarine, jade, russet and scarlet. The lines are smooth and amalgamate to create pieces that call for attention. The Artist brilliantly uses several colors to create a catalytic piece and creates a symphony. It’s the essence of heaven that the artist has captured between the sky and the earth.

A look at his paintings compel the viewer to believe that art is not something remote, but life itself and painting is a spiritual activity like meditation. Portraying nature is portraying life as a means through which inner consciousness dwells and finds a place in absolute bliss. His works are rich in textural juxtapositions that spread throughout the picture surface. The manner in which he balances the space infuses a sense of harmony into his works.

My works are in the Collection of the Office of the Director General of Police, TS.,Hyderaba Birla Group of Industries and in many private collections in Lucknow, New Delhi, Australia, Turkey and Ireland, Oslo, Norway and in Paris.

Sathya Gowthaman

Sathya Gowthaman, an agricultural engineer from TNAU, Coimbatore, took to arts and painting from an early age. She has experimented with many different styles and mediums and is mostly self-taught with a part time diploma in Western Arts from NAFA, Singapore.

She took to oil paint after moving to Singapore in 2012, where she got associated with Gnani Arts. A keen lover of portraits, Sathya is now experimenting with bringing “Sculptures to Life” on canvas with her series on ‘The Chola Sculptures’.

As someone who was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, India, which is known for its ancient temples and architecture, she has always been intrigued by the intricacy of Chola bronzes and their beauty. This intrigue turned fascination built over time and turned into a drive to bring awareness to the lost sculptures of the Chola period and the beauty of the South Indian culture and inheritance. Sathya has exhibited her works in many Affordable Art Fairs, Art Stage Exhibitions and Tatinis in Singapore since 2016 and India Art Fair in Mumbai.

Shilpa Abiraj - Keraka

As anartist, “I strongly believe that an artist is a person who engaged in an activity relates to creating an art, practicing the arts, demonstrating an art. My paintings defined as a person who expresses the formation through a medium which is extremely state-of-the-art besides create skill within a recognized or recognizable chastisement” – Shilpa Abiraj

Painting is my passion since childhood. Graduated with B.Tech in computer science and engineering, post graduated with MBA in HR and Marketing from Kerala University. Solo artist, webdesigner, freelancer and creative designer

Exhibited my paintings with World Art Dubai 2019, Dubai World Trade Centre, Salam Ramadan in Sharjah with fununarts, Walk of life,IRC gallery,Sharjah and with many groups then attended several camps and conducted many workshops structured by Kerala organizers.

More than a few prominent inaugural ceremony and workshops have documented and highlighted her bent in Kerala newspapers, online channels like “VETTAM”, THUNJAN MEDIA and more. Creativity takes audacity. My creations of art is a galaxy in which liberty test its wings where we stop fearing’s and failures.

Her artworks are wholly jam-packed with pragmatism and ideas are stirred by the feelings to hook the spectator’s senses, emotion to round about it and are humbly splendid. My know-hows help to work with diverse approaches of colors and essential to be unique which is pleased grace to speak to all eternities I dips my brush in my soul and paints my own flora into paintings

According to me ART speaks where words are unable to explain and is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.

Vijay Kumar Arekar

“I believe that art, as a medium, helps everyone enhance the various stages of their lives. And for me, this creative platform has been just that.” ~ Vijay Kumar Arekar.

A student of the prestigious Sir J. J. School Of Art - Mumbai, I began exploring with the arts from a very early age. Experimenting with various mediums and techniques, she held her first exhibition in 2000 and has hosted several solo shows across the globe.

Several notable publications have recognized and featured her talent, like Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Asian Age and more. Art plays a major role in Shruti’s life and she wishes to share this with the world around her.

The Age of Innocence is a part of Vijay’s collection and is featured here today. It depicts a golden age, when there is nothing but perfection around us. As we grow older, it seems that life around us forces us to alter our once innocent perception of it.

“There is a pure truth that exists around us, especially while we are growing up. It’s a phase when as kids, we are surrounded by a cloud of purity,” Explains Shruti when asked about this creation.

Neeharika Naidu

" Age is just a number "

Neeharika Naidu, Self Taught artist from Bhopal, says this with confidence and pride. I am a 68-year-old, who began painting, to display, only about a year ago. Ever since my childhood, any form of arts has fascinated me. I am a professional singer. I have performed all over the world. As a young person, I also learned classical dancing and have done that too, on stage. But now I decided to paint. & Love it. My style is realistic but contemporary. I paint with oils as well as acrylic. I love the brightness of the reds and yellows & enjoy playing with blues and mauve.

My viewers will always encourage me and they appreciate my artwork.

Harsha Vora

I am a Mumbai-based artist, who has been working across a range of media over the past 13 years. My passion for art however, stretches well beyond that time. Entirely self-taught, I painted and sold greeting cards as a child, to make pocket money. Later on as a homemaker and mother of three, I pursued my passion by holding exhibitions for hand-painted t-shirts in Mumbai. I have been an artist and an entrepreneur for much of my life. Over the past 25 years I have also run a successful fashion design business and have produced and sold art in India and abroad.

As an artist, I spent the early part of my formal career as a painter, working with acrylics, watercolors, oil, as well as charcoal and pastels. Landscapes, nature, steampunk and the human form inspired me. More recently, I have focused on technical ink pen and more dream-like, monochrome compositions. The paring away of color and the focus on light and dark as the sole method of expression is a meditation on the power of detail.

My art has been exhibited in-group shows across Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad, and sits in personal collections in India, Singapore, and the US.

Priti Desai

Having started her career with a desk job she was quick to realise that her passion lay in painting. It took her sometime to tutor herself and create a career in art.

What followed was a long but fulfilling process of learning different painting techniques and mediums. She found her calling in abstract art. and the process of creating abstract art very liberating and enriching.

A journey which started for self understanding ended up being her profession.She find herself very lucky every time she gets to paint and exhibit her work. She feels exhibiting her art is like sharing and celebrating many aspects of her life with the people.

She chooses abstract art as she find it very close to life itself. There are many variations and aspects of looking at it. Different people will have different interpretations of life, situations and experiences. Similarly her abstracts can have different meaning to different people.

Purnima Dabholkar

"I have marveled at the beauty of Indian women. This is what I showcase in my work"

My new series is based on Indian faces. I chose this subject after my travels through most of the regions of India-both urban and rural! I encountered some beautiful, resilient, enterprising, emotional women where these characteristics were written large on their countenances. And I have poured these onto my canvases.

As an artist, I am obsessed with colors and hues and have striven to depict these aspects of a woman's life, where love,joy,freedom and ecstasy triumph over the harsh realities of life. My portraits rebel against sorrow and despair.

Born into a defence services family and having led a nomadic life, I have had a taste of most Indian regional cultures. This has had a vast influence on my work.

In 2016,my show at the Indian High Commission in London was a runaway success, followed by shows in Dubai,Goa and Mumbai.

I work with oils and Acrylic and use rich tones that these mediums provide to bring forth portraits of women with a strong, physical presence. My ladies are riveting and fierce, the colors strong and vibrant, the brush strokes never hesitant.

My paintings border on magical realism and are both, seductive and fierce. And they look out to you challenging you to look away and as you gaze upon them, there is vulnerability that filters through, reflected in their eyes....

King Brown

King Brown, Ojoba Aka King Brown from Nigerian & stay in Dubai, UAE.

“I have never made trials or experiments. Whenever I had something to say, I have said it in the manner in which it needed to be said through my canvas and colors popping.

I studied fine art and design at the university of Port Harcourt Nigeria. I have a bachelor degree in painting. My world revolves around art and creativity. I can create with anything useless to the ordinary mind that’s makes me a multimedia artist, I have participated in several exhibitions, I’m currently practicing and exhibiting art here in Dubai. My work recently made it to golf news and other media platforms.

Arun Bajaj

Arun Bajaj Award wining artist of holding Unique World Records in his work. Winnerof Rashtrapati Puraskar award from Shri. Raj Nath Kovind (Prime Minister of India) as on 3 January 2019.Bajaj received much recognition from Hon.Prime Minister &Hon. President of India on his works.

Trademark The “Needleman” Arun Bajaj from Patiala city of Punjab, who creates magic with the help of a sewing machine. AKA is the world’s only sewing machine artist.

Bajaj who got the trademark “ Needleman” registered with his name a few years ago. “I didn’t want to remain just a darzi all my life. I want to make a name foe my self, even though my obsession has caused financial uncertainty to my family”

Recently he presented, unique thread paintingof Portrait to India Hon. Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi in January 2018 & he gifted too Smt. Smriti Irani Union of Ministry, a Specimen of his Masterpiece, a large size 4 x 2 feet painting of Sikh Ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

In recent years, Bajaj has organized Exhibitions of his paintings in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi & other city’s & sold many of them to dignitaries and Industrialist’s.

Nada Al Barazi

As a self-taught artist, Nada has been enchanted by art since childhood but she effectively started to focus on art since 2017. Living in Dubai, Nada indulges in creating something new every time she uses the brush. Inspired by nature, Nada uses oil and acrylic paint focusing mainly on nature elements. This reflects her interest in sharing creations with others in its most organic form, and showing her creativity.

Nada had a solo exhibition in 2018 and has been on TV programs and newspapers to raise the awareness of art in UAE. She firmly believes in sharing joy, happiness, and positivity with others specially those who are in need. For this, she supports several exhibitions for childrenwith special needs and donates artwork to their centers to encourage artistic fundamentals in young children.

Nada has participated in several key exhibitions and events since 2017. Some of these events are: World Art Dubai, Carousel Du Louvre at the Louvre Museum in Paris, Kunooz Art Exhibition in London, Flyer Art Gallery as well as Atelier Montez in Rome, and Townly Gallery in New York. Furthermore, she is a member of several galleries in Dubai and collaborates with other local and international galleries.

Recently also Nada had a solo show on 23 January 2021 and it was a huge success.

Niki Tater

An Interior designer by profession and an artist by choice beautification and perfection is always what she drools for!

A proud Mumbaikar, a mother of two and a true seeker of inspiration, she has always understood how important it is to keep our surroundings vibrant and positive!

Last lockdown has inspired her to convert her passion and experience in design and art into something which will help you and your loved ones enjoy your surroundings with a difference !

Nikita’s forte lies in Drip Art, one of the most radical abstract styles in the history of modern art, detaching line from color & finding new means to describe pictorial space.

The Art collection is known to be the most eclectic, vibrant, sophisticated and unique jewels to brighten your homes, workspace and lives with a mighty splash of color, happiness and positivity.

I hope you relish each art work as much as she did while creating it !

Tiamiu Azeez

“Art is my Life & confluence of thoughts & emotions “

Tiamiu Azeez is based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is practices his art in his studio. He did his industrial attachment at national art theatre iganmu Lagos under universal studio of art. He specialized in drawing, paintings &sculpting. He is a multi talented artist and demonstrates different kind of work. He is a know artist in Lagos

He attended myna computer training institute for proper development in graphic and general design. He attended Lagos state polytechnic, where he holds a higher national diploma in painting. Further he attained his educational career from obafemi Awolowo University, which was a professional qualification course (PROJECT MANAGEMENT).

He also has been an active member of S.N.A Lagos. After a years service, Azeez became a member of skill acquisition entrepreneurship ondo state SAED. He has participated in several art exhibitions across Nigeria International art exhibition, such as ota art fair, ondo art fair, Lagos art Expo, Oreze VI the king’s crowns in Honor of Royal Majesty OBI OF ONISHA AGBOGIGI. I can draw Africa group exhibition, jabi lek Moore Abuja, diversiform group exhibition Moore house ikoyi, Elias nelson oyedokun foundation, the art of heart exhibition Lagos, and has alsoparticipated in art for development action aid Abuja, and many more. He has also worked on several mural art project in Lagos, National Stadium Bridge, WAP TV, petty Nigeria, the law choose, Nigeria naval wall ondo state. Azeez is a member of ikorodu artist association and the creative manager of I can draw Africa, currently a founder of Ado Odo cultural art fiesta a yearly festival of art and culture Ogun state Nigeria.

Neha Thackeray

Neha Thackeray is an Abstract Expressionist from Mumbai, India. She has a deep-rooted passion for art and creativity, nurtured from a very young age Jewellery Designer and Gemologist by profession, she has also always devoted time for her other love - Painting!!

Abstract Forms, Mythology, Heritage, Nature and much more, inspire her paintings. Her Gorgeous Landscapes, stunning motifs and classy insightful interpretation of culture, all form part of her rich repertoire.

Neha works with her brand name MANINI and has created a unique style that has a distinctive stamp with its subtle touch of class and aristocratic sophistication.

Apurva Diwani

“I dream, I watch and re-create the world through my brush”

After a brief stint as an interior designer in Mumbai, Apurva Diwani started working independently and channelised her creative skills to smaller canvases. Only to widen her creative scope and explore an infinitude of possibilities.

Art for Apurva, is like poetry. There is rhyme and rhythm to every stroke and this inspires her to pick up the brush every day and keep blending colours that compliment each other like free flowing verses. Her experience as an art curator also inspired her to pick up the brush and take up the biggest challenge- training yourself to become a professional painter in the city. Which is, arguably, India’s central of art and culture.

Her work ranges from abstract to motifs and symbols. She captures her daily life and her love for art and fashion and turns it in to the most unique patterns and textures that have never been seen before.

Art has helped her understand life in so many ways like nothing else has. It is not only her refuge but a reflection of her perfectly imperfect life. No straight lines, no measured patterns. Only a harmonious confluence of chaos and glee, smiling back.

Balesh Jindal

Balesh Jindal is Delhi based artist. Having a long career as a doctor, she has many stories to tell, which spill out in her novels, poetry, photography and visual art.

She paints faces that are calm outside but busy inside with an inner dialogue. The viewer is instantly transported to the imaginary world of beauty, mystery and unsaid nuances while exploring her own milieu. Such is the impact of her works that the viewer may interpret the same work differently on different occasions, depending on her inner mood. Her art is not about any perfect technique or style. She uses no drama or tools for effects. . Her style can best be described as expressionist and abstract figurative.

She has developed and honed her skills of using the knife for refined art work. Her works have redefined the way a knife can be used to create fine art. Her strokes are small and purposeful. Using a kitchen knife, she creates her signature faces, using almost a hundred strokes per inch. The paints roll directly from the tubes onto the canvas creating a dream. Though some of her paintings are done quickly, most of them take a long time as she bends over for hours trying to get the right mood and the composition. The paintings are cut down, stretched and re-stretched, scraped back and painted over. A lot of her paintings have been painted over which gives them a rich feel.

She has been exhibiting her art nationally and internationally for three decades and has received many accolades from the Indian and foreign press including Times Of India, Hindustan Times, Asian Age and Deccan Herald. Her art works have been featured many times on the cover of leading design magazines( Ideal Homes and Garden) and are cherished by art collectors in India and abroad.

Bharati Shah

Bharati Shah is an award winning artist.

Bharati Shah is an Ahmedabad-based artist whose focus is on abstract cubism. An expression of her soul, her works are inspired by colors and forms found in nature; a bountiful garden of flowers in springtime, a tropical ocean teaming with colourful fauna, or a wonderland of lush green forests. Famous for her bright emotion-filled artworks, her art emits a special light and magic that is spiritual and powerfully moving.

As an abstract artist, she find the act of painting to be euphoric and freeing. She has a passion for color, texture, movement and design that are conveyed through her art works. Her inspiration is pulled from her surroundings, experiences & imagination.She begins by creating abstract shapes on the canvas with a texture medium, and then the painting evolves into compositions in which color and texture are the primary subjects. The image is not the focus but rather a part of the process.Her goal is to have the elements of design, color, and texture unleash a sense of calming emotion for the viewer.

Daman Gill Tur

Daman Gill Tur is indian-origin, based in California abstract artist but was born in India. As a child she loved to draw and paint as most children do. She also went to an art school during one of the summer vacations but had to drop out once her school resumed. She has always been fascinated by the way colors can change a simple blank piece of canvas into a creation or how light dances on a subject when it is photographed.

“My art tells my visual story, as my distorted eye perceives the world in fragments with much haze and blurriness. I incorporate a lot of color in my pieces as well as different patterns to create multiple layers. The complexity of these layers parallels my life right now. The haze, the blur, the lines, the spots all depict my own visual story expressed digitally. Although my art is fragmented much like my vision, it spans out pieces that would otherwise have not been produced if not for my distorted vision. This might be the silver lining to my story.”

Deepa Rahurikar Kulkarni

Deepa Kulkarni is based in Mumbai, India Artist. This, recent pandemic years old artist has literally made colours flow on canvas. She is completely self taught, though colours were omnipresent in her life but not on canvas. We all were dealing with the pandemic lacuna but she opted to fill that with vibrant colours and how!

Her paintings appear exactly what she wants to convey, A canvas, a base colour and few more colours. But when you take a proper look at her paintings you understand the efforts behind the magnificent alchemy of colours! She shares the process As she designs the painting in her head she has to keep in mind the colour theory, the chemical reaction amongst the colours. Colours mixing process and Time. If and when this equation works, only then we can see these outcomes, otherwise a muddy coloured puddle appears on canvas.

A fantastic blend of science and art is what you get while looking at her alluring paintings.

Gaurangi Mehta

Gaurangi Mehta Shah is Mumbai, India based artist & an expressionism artist. She believes that behind every face there is a story. Story of our self. Story of our internal and external journey. Stories of our lives, our experiences, our emotions. Stories of our world. Our memories. Our moments.

Her artwork taps into her subconscious and finds its way out through colours, lines, marks, forms, symbols, all telling an internal story. Her journey into art has allowed her to evolve. She is largely inspired by writings of Freud and Jung and the ordinariness of life which invokes her imagination. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally. A self-taught artist who has lived and travelled extensively outside India. She now lives in Mumbai, India.

Neha Shailender

Artist Queen of Ballet Dancers

“Art is a language that has no boundaries”.

I am Neha Shailender, an Indian, based artist in Dubai, UAE. Dubai is my hometown since 13 years. With the support from family, I am able to dedicate the time needed to nurture and evolve in this art form to know where I stand.

I am an Architect by qualification and now following my passion for art since a couple of years. I was a student in an art school till my graduation and used pencils and charcoal as a medium. Acrylics have given me a challenge and a direction to channel my passion. I have started my journey in this colorful medium since many years and there has not been a pause since then. Being a self-taught artist, every work has a story and challenge of its own. I like to work with different medium & with unique techniques. I try to be a realist in my work and explore unique techniques to achieve the same. It is these stories that are reflected in my works - the warmth, compassion and love. ‘Nehascolorpalette’ is the result of all the time spent on reflecting upon my soul-my passion and of course my hard work, teaching myself to do better with every stroke of my brush!

It is this thought that drives me to work hard everyday and have something to look forward to. These little stories keep my ‘Evergreen Brush’ going and me.

This is my recent series & I can say that I have learnt a lot while doing it. The next set will be for the same series but a different structure. I feel so good after this ballerina in blue. I tried to add two shades within one flower this time and was quite a task but the result is splendid! My kids call these ballerinas ‘Angels’ from a fairy tale, which is the best compliment I got so far!!! Art to Art

For someone who is very new in this industry, the right platform to exhibit is very important.

I had a virtual Exhibition “Beyond Boundaries “ participated in the Agape Hub-space & on World Ocean Day, I exhibited my artwork “Only One Earth” with Funun Gallery. I have also participated in various Art competitions, organized by First Wish Art Gallery and one physical by YUY Gallery.